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Originally Posted by matchyg

I'm interested in a study group as well, I just purchased the raider waite deck, and I'm doing the 3 card spread. I don't really understand what each card is suppose to represent. I'm actually quite confused in what the 3 card spread is suppose to represent, I thought it was the past present and future. Does anyone know a good book I should get?

You can use past, present and future if you wish, or just about any other set of 3 cards that you feel appropriate to the situation.

If, for example, the answer is time-related, you may well feel that past, present and future would suit the positions.

There are many other combinations, e.g.;

Mind, body, spirit.
1st, 2nd, 3rd person, that is... me, you, them.
Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, that is... the idea, the opposing idea, the outcome of the marriage of those ideas,

The list is endless.

There are lots of useful books in regards to the RWS, and luckily the best ones, that is those that contain the most accurate information, are online and free.

Love and light to all

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