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RWS: 12 >< 21 and Saturn's Glyph

By comparing XII The Hanged Man and XXI The World to
their le Tarot de Marseille archetypes and Saturn's Glyph,
we can see the 12 to 21 reverse symbolism employed:

Planetary Glyph

le Tarot de Marseille
XII Le Pendu
XXI Le Monde

Colman Smith Tarot
XII The Hanged Man
XXI The World

In the case of le Tarot de Marseille, Le Pendu's crossed legs are
symbolic of the Saturn Glyph ~ and not a match when reversed
with the crossed legs seen on Le Monde's dancing figure.

The cards are not being exactly shown to match each other,
as is the case with Smith's The Hanged Man and The World.
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