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World Spirit - 2 of Swords

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World Spirit - 2 of Swords

All is dark, it is the middle of the night and the moon wanes in the star-filled sky.
In the foreground is a man who stands astride a chasm.
He stands with his knees bent in a pose that reminds me of some sort of martial arts pose.
He holds a sword in each hand and he stands so that the swords are horizontal across his body with one arm up and one arm down.
He is blindfolded.
He looks as if he is defending himself but from what?
Below him in the valley between the cliffs on which he stands we can see a river which leads to the sea.
A white rabbit sits at his feet watching him.
The whole scene has a very Zen-like feel to it.
He almost looks as if he is meditating..

He has his back to the ocean and he is blindfolded and also in a defensive position.
I think that he is blocking out his emotions (represented by the sea).
He is defending himself from emotional input and is trying to think logically.
He may have 2 opposing viewpoints and he is holding off from making a decision or maybe he is mediating between 2 opposing sides and so is trying to keep emotions out of it.
The rabbit adds to the feeling of calm...
Rabbits are shy creatures so this guy must have been standing like this for quite some time for the rabbit to pluck up the courage to get this close.

There is a great sense of peace with this card but there is also a feeling that this man cannot sustain this pose for much longer.... Something has got to give.
A decision needs to be made but at the moment it isn't being made.
Twos are related to The High Priestess and so speak of reflection and of that moment of calm before a decision is made and action is taken.
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This is one time when I think the Rider-Waite-Smith rendition fares better, with the two swords crossed in front of her. Of the suit of Swords, this is certainly one of the calmest cards. For me, most two's talk about coming together. In the suit of Swords, the Two is something that is still in the process of coming together.

Intuitive sensing is needed to fill in the communication gaps. The author's see this as a suspension between two choices. I see it as "more information needed", or "a better understanding of the information already held".

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I love this deck and this card in particular.

the image reminds me of a martial arts exercise that is often like a dance, it emphasizes the importance of achieving harmony through the balance of physical and spiritual energies
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I really like the RWS 2 of Swords but I think this one works just as well.

Even though he's balanced across that great chasm, he's still in a defensive position but I suppose he's not protecting his heart as the woman in the RWS 2 of Swords is. There is much more of a a sense of not letting anything in with her.
Still he has his back to a body of water and he's blindfolded so I still get the emotional detachment aspect of the cards' meaning.

I think there is more of a feeling of peace with this image (and I guess that's the Thoth influence).

Papageno, I'm glad you like this deck.. We seem to have similar taste in decks
I really like what you've said about achieving harmony through the balance of spiritual and physical energies.
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