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faunabay's Avatar
Join Date: 28 Aug 2001
Location: Missouri, USA
Posts: 8,219
Heart of Faerie - The Green Woman

When I went through my new deck I picked my favorite and least favorite card like we did with the original Froud Fae deck. And this was my favorite. I just love this card and her attitude!! LOL I sat down and talked to her while I was writing in my journal. She just talked and talked!

She told me to call her Lora of the Hunt. I didn't understand "the hunt" part until she explained. I mean when I first look at her I see her as being a part of nature, plants and trees, more than an actual hunting animal thing. But this is how she explained it to me.

She is the white stag, the doe, the wild energy of nature, the natural world. She is the hunted, not the hunter. But hunt her at your own risk! As she will not be caught and you will find yourself being led into something or somewhere you will not be prepared for....and will quite possibly not beable to find your way back!

At the same time if you see her and accept, not trying to hunt, she can show you, teach you, some her knowledge of the natural world! Show you how you can "hear" nature in all her beauty. But only if you accept what's given not trying to take more.

Because even hunting can be done with loving regard for nature. It's only when you try to take a life that's not freely given that you run into trouble. When you can tell the difference between an animal that is prepared to be hunted vs. one who says no, she will be there to help not lead you into trouble!

aeclectic name: faunabay
fairy name: Pithia Feedle Blackthorn Silvenslipper
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DragonFae's Avatar
Join Date: 25 Mar 2009
Location: USA
Posts: 1,516

Love what you've written about The Green's a recap of what I wrote about The Green Woman from the first deck...I am still exploring the new deck but expect that The Green Woman in this deck will add new levels of understanding....

The words associated with the Green Woman are wildness, expectant gratitude, natural magic and untrammeled creativity. The Green Woman dances naked whereever she wants. She is unencumbered by what you think of her because she is confident in her worth because of her life and experiences. She shows us how to release the constraints of artificial rules and limitations. She reminds us of the power of growth and the importance of perserverance and patience. She symbolizes a time for developing talents and for self confidence. (The Faeries Oracle Text by Jessica Macbeth)

As far as this particular archetype in other cultures...I am sure it exists...I will continue to look for this "woman" under different names but here are a few tidbits I have uncovered already.The Green Woman's image can be found in the stonework of ancient churches in England and France, and is viewed as the feminine face of nature. Also known as Sheela-Na-Gig she is often pictured entangled in vines and foliage. The Green Woman's "nature" encourages us to see ourselves despite self limiting perspectives we have taken on through the years. To read more about this view point of the Green Woman please check out Becoming the Green Woman. Perhaps this blogger says it best with her words...."The Green Woman is at once both an ancient archetype and a primal life force that is constantly creating and recreating herself through the cycles of birth, bloom and fermentation."

Some believe that The Green Woman is three in one. At the same time Mother, Maiden, and Crone. And there are many references to The Green Woman is relation to herbal healing. In fact I even discovered online courses related to this ancient art. There are many references to The Green Man and the Green Woman...more information seems available on the masculine image than the feminine.

In fairy folklore there were tree fairies called Green Ladies, that lived in the trees and were often offended if the trees were not treated with respect. Old sayings have it that before cutting a branch it was best to ask the fairies for permission.

So ponder the wild creative nature of growth...perhaps self growth. To recognize that I am what I am...and that is quite enough in and of itself. Seeking acceptance and positive regard is human nature.....but the Green Woman says to Dance and celebrate yourself for being who you are! ... Be self confident....experiences and life by the age of 52 must have taught me something of worth...just listen to it!

A dragonfly is a link to the past, a promise for the future, & a reminder of the magic of the moment."
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faunabay's Avatar
Join Date: 28 Aug 2001
Location: Missouri, USA
Posts: 8,219

Dragonfae, you made me realize something. I've looked at the two Green Woman cards as two different it's a different Green Woman from the original deck vs. this one. I didn't even think about it. They are different fae to me....but are they?

The original Green Woman fae is much more light hearted and protective. This Green Woman is much more confrontational and sort of snooty...looking down her nose at us.

I need to think about this but are they just different depictions of the same fae or are they different faeries both called the Green Woman? hmmm........

I might need to sit down with both of them and have a chat!

aeclectic name: faunabay
fairy name: Pithia Feedle Blackthorn Silvenslipper
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DragonFae's Avatar
Join Date: 25 Mar 2009
Location: USA
Posts: 1,516

I was just thinking last night that there are a couple cards with duplicate "names"...The Green Woman and the Maiden....both are depicted quite differently in this deck....and I was pondering as you were...whether they are totally different fae or aspects of the same fae....just as we have different "faces" we present...such as our home self and work self etc...

I'm not quite ready to make that call yet...different fae or aspects of the same????....need to explore first I was leaning toward different cousins or sisters etc...then I went to leaning toward diferent aspects...and now I am back to different fae...LOL

The different aspects of the same faery makes a lot of sense because there are so many faces that they present to us....BUT on the other hand they also seem like they are different individuals...same family but different...idk yet....this will be an interesting discussion,.

A dragonfly is a link to the past, a promise for the future, & a reminder of the magic of the moment."

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