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Herbal Tarot - King of Pentacles - Alfalfa

You can see the King cards here.

Description: The king is seated on a rock while holding a disc with a five-petalled flower in his left hand and holding a branch of alfalfa in his right hand. The alfalfa plant is growing on both sides of the king.

Significant Details: The crown symbolizes authority. The disc symbolizes security and wealth. The rock symbolizes stability. The alfalfa symbolizes curing.

Keywords: Enterprising, Adept, Reliable, Supporting, Steady

Medicinal Uses: Alfalfa is used to improve appetite and for urinary and water retention problems. “Native Americans reputedly took alfalfa seed to procure abortions.” American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger.

My Interpretation: This may be a time of financial gain for you, business ventures will reap rewards. You may meet (or already know) someone who is supportive, steady, reliable, and a good provider. These may also be traits that will help you during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The King of Pentacles is the Airy part of Earth. The Kings are in Chokmah, the second sephirah, on the Tree of Life and are ruled by the Zodiac.

Except for the mustache, this king is very feminine looking. The first time I saw this card, I thought I had the queen.
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