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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWO

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21 Ways: Step Two

V The Hierophant - Hanson Roberts

2.1.1) Two grey pillars rise up to the frame of the card against a red background. A man is before them. He has a grey beard and his eyes are green (I think). In his left hand he hold a scepter with three crossing bars - like a crucifix with a bar above and below. His right hand is raised, with his fourth and fifth fingers folded in, and his thumb, index, and middle fingers extended. He looks directly out at me. His robe is a maroony-brown color. Around his neck he wears a yellow scarf with green decorations down both sides that look like tall plants with many leaves. On his head he wears a golden hat or crown with three tiers of crenellations on it. There is something made of wood in front of him that obscures the bottom half of his body. Two figures kneel in front of it; they have blond hair, cut in a bowl shape and have no discernible gender; their faces are hidden by the upraised arms, palms flat together. Floating above and between their hands are a pair of ornately carved golden keys, crossed. One key has two teeth, and has swirls or spirals carved into its head, while the other key has three teeth and has circles cut into the head. The two kneeling figures wear blue robes with brown hoods and cuffs.

2.1.2) I am the Hierophant. I am positioned before a pair of carved grey pillars. I wear robes of maroon and a yellow scarf with green leaflike decorations down both ends. On my head I wear a golden headdress with three tiers of crenellations. In my left hand I bear a staff with three bars crossing it; my right hand is raised with my thumb, index, and middle fingers extended. There is a piece of wood that separates me from the two kneeling figures before me. They are genderless, blonde, and much smaller than I am. They each have their arms raised and their palms together, thumbs against their foreheads, and their faces hidden by their hair and their arms. Their robes are blue and brown. Above and between their hands float a pair of crossed golden keys, with the heads down and the toothed ends upwards.
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21 Ways, Step Two

Legacy of the Divine Tarot - Nine of Swords

A girl with reddish brown hair is resting her head on her arm. It looks like she is wearing a ruffled tank top. Her eyes looking upward. There's a sword hovering directly above her head with a purple stone set in it. There are three swords off to one side, four more on the other side. They don't have stones visible. Sheer purple drapes surround her artfully. There's a stained glass window in the background. Blue walls can be seen on either side of the window. There's a fog around the swords. The fog comes down towards her ear. Decending from the center sword, within the fog is what looks like hands, three of them.

Part 2

I am resting with my head on my arm. I am wearing a ruffled tank top, pink. My eyes look upward. I sense a sword hovering, over my head, with a purple stone in it. I sense three swords to one side, four more on the other side. I am surrounded by sheer drapes. Behind me there is a stained glass window set within the blue wall. I sense a fog around the swords. Within that fog are three hands reaching for me.
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21 ways step two

Rider Waite/ 8 of cups

I am walking away from the 8 golden cups on the ground. They are stacked neatly but it appears that one is missing. I am alone. There is more sun than moon, or are they mixed. The moon watches over me serenely.

I used up my description in step one :-/
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Step ONE AND TWO- 21 Ways

Card: 5 of Cups
Deck: Rider-Waite

There is a man standing on the ground and he is standing with his head down, Could be heís hiding from someone or something. There is some plant life which tells me that there is potential for growth however, he may not be able to see that growth because, and he has blinders on. There are three cups on the ground in front of him and two cups behind him up right as If he were staring at them or he could be in deep though and canít see them. The two cups behind him can represent personal growth if he allows it to and he can see the situation at face value. There is a bridge that he could cross which could lead him to what appears to be his home in the background. Will he look up and see what is before him or will he continue to keep his head down and pretend he canít see whatís before him. Itís all up to him will he make the right choose?
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21 Ways - Step Two

Six of Swords, Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

2:1.1) A woman is bent over a desk, elbows resting on it. She is wearing a black and white striped halter top. She has short, black hair and is wearing glasses. She has on black gloves and black pants. A black gear tattoo adorns her left shoulder. She appears to be nibbling on a finger of her right hand, while her left hand is resting on a wide-bladed sword. The sword has two alligator clips attached to it, which lead to a car battery. Electricity is sparking down the sword's blade. There is also a hammer resting on the table beside the sword.

Behind her, the wall has a pegboard. Five different swords are hanging on the pegboard, as well as a power drill, pliers, and a C-clamp, and possibly a staple gun (the staple gun is partially obscured by the woman). This card has a glossy varnish on top of the picture that is drawn in a way to suggest illumination from the sword. The entire card is rendered in mustard and olive tones.

2:1.2) I am hunched over a work bench, looking at a sword. The sword is hooked up to a car battery, and is sparking and illuminating the room. I am nibbling on the finger of one hand, and have my other hand resting on the sword in front of me. Behind me are five different swords, each hanging on a pegboard. In addition, there are several tools hanging on the pegboard (and a hammer on the table).
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Regarding Step 2.....

MG says to describe the card objectively.... but when you go back as a first person are you still supposed to be objective or can you be subjective? I think I would find it very difficult to be first person and not subjective.....


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Step 2-- Morgan-Greer Deck-- The Tower

The card feels like the weather is cold and wet. The wind is bitter and will chill you to the bone. The Tower burns hot and the choices are whether you will burn in the fire or if you will jump and freeze in the sea. It looks very scary and feels angry with the storm in the card. There is a desperate panick feeling in the card as it looks like there are few choices on what to do and niether of them are good. Like you will be forced to make a damned if you do or damned if you don't choice
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21 ways - step 2 - crow's magick page of cups

i'm so glad i get to go on this journey with ***! can you see? i’m wagging my tail!

some call me “unearthly” and “mystical” – but that’s just one side of me. the happy tail-wagging puppy is another side. i romp through the cosmos, sometimes making a fool of myself, other times learning; sometimes breaking things with my unbridled enthusiasm, and often people, animals and things just like me. can you see my camouflage colours? i look a little like a chameleon but i am my own animal. there is only one of me but depending on circumstances, you might think you see something or someone you know. that is true, to a degree. but there is more of me, and there is “other” of me – the strange glyphs and symbols around me speak of that. sometimes i know what they mean, sometimes i don’t. sometimes they say one thing, the next another. everything is in flux, always.

the cup above me – i drink of it. as you can see, i am well fed. feel my scales, how strong and silky they are. look at my talons – they are strong, too, and help me keep a grip on what’s underneath. i need that because otherwise i might endlessly fly through the ether. this is just like the cup. the cup holds the liquid that would otherwise dissipate. i love this cup – i love alabaster, better than marble. i love its smoothness, its coolness, i love how it makes me think of the moon.
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Lil Red 
Step Two: Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, Knight of Swords

Step Two: Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, Knight of Swords

I am the woman with the long dark wavy hair that reaches to my back that ends in a braid. Iím wearing a bluish and greenish cardigan with no sleeves on it with my blue leggings and my dark green boots. I am looking down on the orange and purple grass as I grip the handle on my sword which touches the grass as Iím standing up. In my left there is a purple unicorn lying beside me with a brown saddle on its back. The unicorn has white luscious hair on its head as well as its tail. Then standing before me there is a tall bluish rock with a woman sitting on top of it. She has a sincere smile on her face as her eyes stares at me. She has pink hair that reaches her back though some of her hair falls on her face. She is wearing a red tank top that reveals a bit of her stomach and a red mini skirt with white and black stripes legging that reaches her knees. She has two tattoos, one on her left shoulder and the other one on her left leg. They both resemble a spiral. Lastly, there is a stick with a moose skull between the woman and I.
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21 Ways Step TWO-Tarot of Vampyres The Empress

There is a midwinter costume ball and Iīm all dressed up and ready to go. I am wearing my great-great-etc. grandmotherīs dress that I found in the dust covered trunk in the attic the other day. The lace collar is very big and the velvet sleeves are tight. I am wearing a lot of jewelry. Most of it is mine and relatively recent finds,too, except for the pearls that belonged to my mother and the big emerald pendant that I have been wearing for a few centuries. I can hear a bumble bee by my left ear. I am holding a pink rose in my hand. The green apples above my head are not yet ready to be eaten. I seldom eat anything from the plant kingdom, though. There is blood on my dress..
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