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Conjunctions to inner planets

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Razzberry  Razzberry is offline
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Conjunctions to inner planets

I know there is a difference between planets and signs, however I constantly come across the notion that inner planets conjunct the outer planet is similar in effect to the inner planet in the ruling sign of the outer (Venus conjunct Pluto is similar to Venus in Scorpio, for example).

Could it be that the people who say this type of thing are more into the "alphabet" system where they say that the Sun conjunct Pluto is similar in effect to Sun in Scorpio or Sun in the 8th house?

I'm inclined to think that there IS a similarity. I know someone with Mercury in Libra conjunct Neptune in Scorpio and even though it's out of sign, his way of thinking is exactly like Mercury in Plsces individuals. i

I am finding that the conjunctions to inner planets by the outer planets very often overshadow the sign the inner planets are in, especially when that inner planet has NO other conjunctions to it. Do any of you have this experience?
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Student of Astrology
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Student of Astrology

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All conjunctions (and aspects) will colour one planet's expression with something of the characteristic of the other(s) involved in the conjunction. The extent to which this happens will depend on a number of things, including the proximity of the planets, whether the aspect is applying or separating and the essential and accidental dignities of those planets.

To the extent that the outers have characteristics, their involvement in conjunctions will 'rub off' on the conjoined planet to a greater or lesser extent. Such an effect should be greater the closer the two planets and also be stronger if the planets are angular. This is nothing to do with rulership as such but with the intrinsic natures of the planets involved in the conjunction.

However one conjunction on it's own will not necessarily have a major affect on temperament, we would also want to know about the other elements of the chart, in particular the Ascendant, Moon and Sun, together with planets in the first and in aspect to Sun and Moon. If Sun or Moon are involved in the conjunction or it's on the Ascendant, then you will have a much more powerful affect.
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A typical assumption

Razzberry, your question is typical, and the use of planets, signs and houses in this manner is also typical of early-studies students of astrology. I won't repeat the lengthy previous posts on this subject, but to make a very strong point . . .

There is no similarity between houses and signs. Further, the interpretive use of planets is quite different from that of signs. And planets have no interpretive linkage to specific houses. Repeat this many times to yourself, I would suggest.

Yes, you will find charts where you could say that a person acts as if there were these relationships. But in almost every case, as Minderwiz noted, there are so many other factors involving the angles, the planets near the angles, the planets in aspect to each other, the planets in houses, Sun and Moon relationship ---- plus planets in signs and rulerships, etc., etc.

One astrologer once wrote that there are some 1800 factors to address in one's basic understanding of a natal chart. I don't know if that count is accurate, as it depends upon how skilled one is and what the individual chart is like to read. It also depends upon what one is looking for in a chart, or what a client is looking for from the astrologer.

The one thought that I can leave you with is that the tail of the tiger is made of letters which are S-I-M-P-L-E while the rest of the beast contains the letters C-O-M-P-L-E-X. It is fun to grab the tiger by the tail, and you should have fun with astrology. But, keep in mind that as you learn more about it the subject will at times seem simple and at other times complex. Just go with it, keep an open mind. Dave
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Razzberry  Razzberry is offline
Join Date: 27 Sep 2011
Location: USA
Posts: 9

Thanks for your replies! I had forgotten I wrote this post.

Yes, there are all kinds of things to consider when dealing with conjunctions. I'm struggling to understand how the planets' elements change when they are in certain signs.

For instance, If the Sun and Mars were conjunct in Scorpio, would you say that it might give to a "fiery temper?" Or does the element of water make the description less FIERY but more subdued and, well, "watery"?

It seems as though the PLANETS take on an element just like the signs do. The Moon is watery. The Sun, Mars, Jupiter are fiery. Mercury is airy, etc. So back to the Sun/Mars conjunction, the way I see it, Sun in Scorpio makes for a watery Sun. Mars in Scorpio is a watery Mars. It seems that would produce a temperament that expresses itself differently than, say, a Mars/sun conjunction in Aquarius, correct?

Would you blend the two elements of the conjunction's planets and signs together?
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