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L'Authentique Tarot de Marseille

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i had this deck on my wish list; now that see larger scans of it, i am immediately removing it from my wish list...
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Originally Posted by garmonbozia View Post
If you happen to watch the video, do they offer any reason why this is being called "the authentic" TdM?
I already watched the video, this is garbage where they doesn't explain anything, they just list some "features", ideas picked up here and there apparently randomly, where you can find many of Jodo/Camoin inventions plus some Hadar's maybe. The "authentic" is simply a bulshitty commercial argument like "our deck is more authentic because the egg in the popess is better drawn than in Camoin's", "the background are black so the images are more powerful" etc... all of this to justify the existence of a poorly redrawn grimaud like deck on which they probably make more money.
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Originally Posted by garmonbozia View Post
yikes, to both.
does lepalais charge 39 euros for shipping to the UK also, same as the US?
it sucks if this other place charges the same. i couldn't find shipping info on the site and could not get far enough through checkout to see.

thanks for checking!
It seems to be 10 for Belgium (they are based there), 26 for France and 39 for everywhere else.

I know I was VERY annoyed and they were absolutely adamant. I think you need a friend in Belgium to receive and ship on. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

You have a PM with a FAINT idea.... If it works please let me know....!
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oops wrong thread :-(

[oops wrong thread :-( ]
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Originally Posted by garmonbozia View Post
I have, and if they reply, I'll share any information here. Fingers crossed.

Nous vous remercions pour l'intérêt que vous portez a nos produits, Nous avons mis à jour sur notre site Esotelia les modes d'envois concernant votre pays. Dés a présent vous pouvez commander sur notre boutique en ligne.

Bien à vous


Thank you for the interest you have shown to our products, We have updated our site Esotelia modes of shipments for your country. From now you can order on our online store.

You're welcome
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