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Mini Tarot Decks...?

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Frank S 

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Mini Tarot Decks...?

Just received my TDM Jodorowsky et. Camoin. In its eBay description were the words 'Casual Edition' - no idea what that meant exactly so I took the plunge. In actual fact it meant 'mini'. Hmmmph. Oh well. Still, it's not too common a deck.

My question is, which are the best (and worst) mini-tarots out there...?

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I like Lo Sacarabeo's mini- Secret Tarot, although because of its subtleties, I recommend using it in full light and not in dim pubs as I've been wont to do.

In general, I am allergic to mini-anything, however. Bigger is better for me when it comes to tarot.
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Here's a similar thread on pocket decks:

My personal favorite is the pocket Buckland Romani.
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I just ordered the Art Nouveau mini deck today. I think it is very beautiful, and a mini deck can fit in my bag
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Golden Silvery Dionna

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I think the Baroque Bohemian Cats mini is very well done.
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I got one the other day on eBay, not that I was looking for a mini deck but it was cheap(!), just called Tarot the Complete Kit - Running Press 'Mega Mini Kits'.

I didn't like the images when I first looked at them, but once cleansed it turned out great for certain kinds of reading. At least that's what I'm finding so far. I like it for spiritual type questions, can't make sense of it with more practical things.

It has a mind of its own. I have heard that a deck can but in my brief time with Tarot hadn't experienced it. This deck is also the only one that's been witty at me, you know, coming back with 'Get a life already!' if I ask too much of the same...

Aha, found it: and I paid 3-something used so not so much of a bargain! Never mind.

This is about 7cm x 8cm (? just over 3" by just under 3" ?). How small do decks get - I mean decks intended for actually using?
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I have the mini Tarot of the Gnomes and I like it very much. Although it helps that I don't have the bigger version to compare.

I also like the mini BBC cats.
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Originally Posted by Iris_2010 View Post
My personal favorite is the pocket Buckland Romani.
Now that is a great one. Shame it's illegal or pirated or whatever, but there is something so captivating and user-friendly about it and I generally do not like minis at all. Life's too short to have mini decks. Really. I mean surely even the most crammed bag or rucksack can fit another inch and a half for the sake of nice clear images?

Of course I buy them and have them but when push comes to shove, I'll always reach for the bigger decks for the sake of - well - beauty. Why have nice when you can have nice multiplied four-times-the-size?

Having said that I have mini RWS, Thoth, Burdel Marseilles, Buckland-Romani, BBC 3rd edition, Camoin-Jodorosky, the Tarot Nova, Connolly, Trevisan's Renaissance, Grimaud Marseilles, 1960s Albano Waite, Universal Waite, mega-mini Soprafino...
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i think they are cute... but, don't think i'll ever buy one. hm.. maybe if i find a veery cheeap one

Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
mega-mini Soprafino...
"mega-mini"?! o.O what is the size of that thing?

Originally Posted by vee View Post
I have the mini Tarot of the Gnomes and I like it very much.
very appropriate!
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Aww, mini decks are loved less than I thought

I, for one, love them to bits In fact, I am now considering buying only cards that are playing card sized or smaller. The large, pretty pictures in full-sized decks lose their appeal as I struggle and fight to shuffle the darned deck! Sure there are shuffling methods out there to deal with gigantic decks but I love me a good proper riffle shuffle Plus, they are a boon when reading on cramped surfaces as they don't take up much space.

My workhorse deck is the Mini Hanson-Roberts. Visually I didn't find the style very appealing, but after many readings, it's grown on me It stays in my bag at all times. As for my favorite deck (visually speaking), the Druidcraft is so large and unwieldy I hardly ever take it out of the box
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