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Gilded Tarot - - Ten of Swords

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I've also learned that deer represent gentleness and innocence. This can be gentle healing but also a gentle pull or call to a new adventure. it does look like the fellow in this card has pushed himself too hard until he collapsed and perhaps the collapse is what saved him from meeting those swords more closely. If he rests for a while and gets up smoothly and gently he can avoid suffering what those swords could inflict upon him (reminds me of a bed of nails) especially if his first moves are toward that deer. The swords are even polite enough to glow for him so he will be aware of them.
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Originally Posted by ana luisa View Post
I love this card. It has an aura to it... When my readings show this card it is usually about the END of a terrible ordeal, of a karmic suffering. The swords are there to remind the man that life is full of battles and that although he might get wounded, he will survive. The light is energy, his own and (perhaps) a celestial one as well.Also, the peaceful background adds to this relief feel.
I have the same sort of take on this card. I see it as the end of the tough times...sometimes someone hitting rock bottom, the only way now is UP. Transformation. Even though this person has been through their battles and suffering, they are hopeful for the future, the light is the sun shining after the storm, and as you said, relief about to come into the picture.
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Anyone else see the swords in the shape of a heart?
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the swords are not actually hit the person, and the lights, would tell you to see trough it before making your choice.
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