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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step FIVE

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gypsy white bear 
21 ways - step 5

legacy deck - koc

i see koc as emotion (cups)
father (king)
control (king)

that's someone who has strong appearnce but softy inside, who can control their emotional effectively and who is a good father.
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Russian Tarot osp - 10 of Cups

10 means stability, but it is the end of a cycle for nothing in life is sure but the change itself.

The cups are emotion.

There is also a 1 and a 0 - this card also will bring a beginning, and a new connection to the source itself

10 of Cups = emotional stability (see how far that goes)
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My card is the Judgement, from the Golden Tarot.
Judgement is 20, so 2+0 = 2. Twos are about choice, reaction and wisdom.

I am not sure that I haven't "cheated", because I know a bit about this card, so I chose keywords that associated well with it. Judgement is all about consequences (or reaction) to your choices, and it's also about wisdom, because wisdom is necessary to make proper judgement. All judgement is, ultimately, a choice.
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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step FIVE - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

My card is the 5 of wands. The keywords I've chosen are adversity, challenges, and uncertainty.

I feel these words fit the Fives overall, but definitely fit well with this particular image. I can see adversity and challenge for all 5 figures, and there is uncertainty as to what the result will be if the fight were to happen.
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21 ways, Step FIVE: Shadowscapes Tarot

My card is the Queen of Wands from the Shadowscapes tarot (so it’s not numbered)

The keywords I think fit the most are:
- Magnetic
- Persuasive
- Motivating

The Queen is so beautiful and inspiring you feel the need of pleasing her.
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My card is The Fool from the Silicon Dawn.

The Fool is 0, so it is about potential, possibilities, being undefined, and innocence.
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21 ways - Step 5

Reduces to thrče.
From the keywords of the 21 ways book for the three I find that the most relevant for my card are:


I wouldn't use this same triplet for any of the other cards connected to threes..

For the Empress I would go with fruition, expectancy and love.
For the Hanged Man I would choose blending, understanding and development.
The three of wands is about application, expression, creativity.
The three of cups about togetherness, comprehension and socialisation.
The three of swords about sorrow, result of previous union, fulcrum.
The three of coins about fertilisation, building and fruition
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step 5

Ceccoli Tarot - King of Wands

authority, power, mastery.
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