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World Spirit Study Group: The Star (17)

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Seed Crystal 
World Spirit Study Group: The Star (17)

A nude female figure floats over a sea or marsh, holding in relaxed balance two bottles or jugs from which waters flow. Her head is framed by a bright glow, similar to that of the largest star in the sky to the right. Her legs evoke the traditional position of the Hanged Man; Temperance also comes to mind. She is smiling and has a 3rd eye mark, like a Buddha. The waters flow on the left onto barnacles, and on the right into the sea or marsh. Cattails grow in the foreground. Green plains and hills and purple mountain lay far in the background. In the sky are stars, spirals and one dancing bird in whose beak is a twig. The symbols on the jugs are (left) wavey lines and (right) another spiral; I perceive both as journey symbols.

For me this is the card of spiritual journey; soul's destiny; the light and the darkness as blessings; meditation; dynamic innocence without ignorance.
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Looking at The Star

Originally Posted by Seed Crystal
. . . Her legs evoke the traditional position of the Hanged Man . . . She is smiling and has a 3rd eye mark, like a Buddha. . . . The symbols on the jugs are (left) wavey lines and (right) another spiral; I perceive both as journey symbols. . . .
Seed Crystal, what astute observations. Of course she has a 3rd eye mark, but I never really noticed this until you pointed it out. Then I put my round magnifying crystal-thingy over it and it was even more obvious and intentional.

I've always just automatically thought of the wavy lines on the one jug as water symbols, as in Aquarius, but it makes sense to see them as a journey symbol also, along with the spiral.

Is there a traditional meaning for cattails, like other herbs and flowers ?

We know this is a mountain lake, 'cause Jessica Godino says so, and because of the rugged purple mountains in the backgrouned. Purple is a symbol of royalty, of course, but also of power and richness. And I always see mountains in the Tarot cards as symbols of enlightenment to be obtained, wisdom that is available if one is willing to put forth all the effort required to reach it.

Now that you have pointed out her legs evoking the traditional position of the Hanged Man, I'll have to look long again at that card too and think about this.

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Iíve enjoyed reading the posts on this deck, but havenít had much to add. Hope itís not too late...

Iíve been comparing this card to the RWS, looking at the similarities and differences. One thing thatís struck me is that whereas the RWS has 8 stars, in the World Spirit deck one of the stars is the woman herself.

Could she represent a falling star? Or to be a bit more scientific, a meteorite or comet?

As well as the belief on Ďmaking a wish when you see a shooting starí (which fits this card very well), Iíve heard of a theory that life on Earth may have been started by organic matter in meteors/comets that have struck the planet.
And the woman is pouring water (or maybe something else?) onto the rocks and water...

Or could she be a Ďrisingí star? A woman who has achieved/evolved to a higher plane and is in the process of ascending to join the other Ďstarsí?

Just some rambling thoughts!
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I am enjoying reading what others have written about this deck too, as I just purchased it and am in the process of getting to know and explore it.

My initial reaction to this card was that I was a little put off by it. I always have seen the Star as a very peaceful card, and this card did not feel peaceful at all but very much alive. As I said this was just my first reaction, now I am looking forward to trying to see the card in a more dynamic manner.
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