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If for the last time you're to suggest only one deck to all ATers, which would it be?

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I would like to add "Tarot of the Holy Light" by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers. I also would recommend the classics (Rider Waite, Thoth, etc.) but assuming that's a given - The Tarot of the Holy Light could easily go the distance for me if it was the only one I had. It's beautiful and it's deep. It has felt like an old friend from the moment I got my hands on it.

P.S. I would have a hard time parting with my Deviant Moon too... Oh and my Rohrig and oh no.... my Ciro Marchetti decks.
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I will say Mary Hanson-Roberts.

It s favorite of mine. The imagery is well balanced for positive and negative flows in the reading. pretty pictures but not overwhelming for beginning.

I have been enabled! Thoth, Marsielle and Tabula Mandui are top of my list. A lot of great recommendations on here. This website was a huge blessing in so many lives. I'm going to miss the active community.
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Wild Unknown

AT has been so valuable to me in giving me the heads up on so many new decks--decks I would never have aware of. I'm not much of a social media person, no Facebook or the like. So I look at the independently published decks I've acquired in the past few years and the Wild Unknown stands above the rest. I love this deceptively simple deck. I've enjoyed reading all of everyone's thoughts and opinions about it, the controversy and the excitement. The fact that it's set its own tarot art trajectory with its little satellite system of 'clones' and trends says volumes about its importance. Invaluable for people to expand their tarot intuition whilst still retaining core 'traditional' meaning. Sort of training deck to move into the simple yet vast and deep TdM horizon.
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Originally Posted by PathWalker View Post
"Sort of like your valedictory deck advice to the readers of these forums"

honestly - I'd say look at everything you can. Search sites, speak to friends who have decks, check out any shops near you that just might sell them, new or secondhand.

And pick the one that speaks to YOU. Don't be swayed by what other folks say about a deck, go by how YOU feel about it. And that will be your very best guide.

There are decks I love, but if this is my advice to readers who come after me - that's it.
this is so, so true. i've seen people wax poetic about decks that i take a look at and am like, "????????????" and vice versa. but hey, to each their own! i will never judge anyone by their taste; if it works for you and you love it? go for it! well said, PathWalker.

however, there is one deck that popped out at me. i was always (and still am) a RWS devotee. i just like the classic, iconic vibe. and then one day i saw the deviant moon tarot.

i know that this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this deck changed things for me. suddenly, readings became absolutely, chillingly clear - almost unnervingly so. and while the artwork is pretty computerized, the system is rich, and the world that has been created is one that i feel like i can step into.
also, for what is categorized as a "dark" deck, there is quite a lot of humor and warmth; although, if you like being taken down spooky alleyways and going to the next level below, there is plenty of that.

also, there's a pretty rad companion book.

aaaaaaaand that is my last deck recommendation here on AT! salutations, all
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Glass Owl 

Originally Posted by VioletEye View Post
this is so, so true. i've seen people wax poetic about decks that i take a look at and am like, "????????????" and vice versa. but hey, to each their own! i will never judge anyone by their taste; if it works for you and you love it? go for it! well said, PathWalker.
Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has had the reaction lol. And I know that there are lots of decks (oracle decks in particular) I enjoy that others would never consider. But that is okay. What is important is using what resonates with you.

One Tarot deck that I'd like to suggest for those that are looking for a deck with simple, illustrated pips is the Old English Tarot.
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For warmth, colour, accessable character's and readability. My vote would go to...
Anna K!!

Nope! Can't do it! I can't just pick one. I simply can't not mention my all time love, the RWS.
Either the Centennial Edition, lovely soft pre 1970's British blue box version or the Albano Waite 1968 Ed. 😁
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The Ludy Lescot tarot deck

I'm always amazed by the this deck and how literal it is when answering questions.

It doesn't follow the traditional meanings and images which got me to really learn how to work with my intuition.

Sometimes it feels like this deck was created just for me
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If I can really name just one, I'd go with the Smith-Waite Centennial - RWS I think will be readable by all skill levels, and this one has the nicest colouring of the available modern print editions.

If I can name two more, my second choice is obviously my beloved Lo Scarabeo, as a synthesis of the three big traditions - even though the Marseilles connection is not much more than a nod...

Third, Robert Place's Alchemical both for esoteric content and sheer aesthetics ... or Legacy of the Divine, also for beauty, and for the bold fresh approach.
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I can't help but think about threads where we discussed which One Deck we would choose for a deserted island or post-apocalypse ... my answer was the International Icon (with the idea of letting it inspire other artists to come up with their own new styles for the symbolism)

In the same mood, I think Leisa ReFalo's Tarot of Color would work nicely.

But, if the internet is still around, then I recommend A Way To Get Around The Rule
a program like Orphalese or Fool's Dog Tarot Sampler
**make your own, or cobble your own Patchwork deck of the card you like best from any & all decks!
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The Thoth (of course)

I feel that if I can learn to read the Thoth *(Crowley/Harris), I will be able to read almost any tarot deck w ease.

*This may also apply to the Tabula Mundi, but I don't actually have that one
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