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questions about using the Thoth deck

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sunstallion  sunstallion is offline
Join Date: 09 Feb 2006
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questions about using the Thoth deck

Rider Waite deck was my first deck and I am still using it. It is my only deck. I am thinking of getting the Thoth deck just to explore it, but the way it is designed is totally not like the Rider Waite deck.

Should i get some books on how to use Thoth deck or I can easily learn from transfering my knowledge of the Rider Waite deck over.

I dont even think there is a book about the Thoth deck because I cannot find one.

Pictures on the Thoth deck look pretty !!!
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Milfoil  Milfoil is offline
Bending Clouds
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This thread may help you
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sunstallion  sunstallion is offline
Join Date: 09 Feb 2006
Location: USA
Posts: 532

I just got the deck, but have not gotten the book "Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot" by Duquotte yet.

However, I dont know whether I was doing the right thing or not. The very first thing I did was to did a reading for myself with this deck, ask this question:
"Is the Thoth deck good/useful for me ?".
-I drew Knight of Swords, gave me no impression.
-I then drew Prince of Wands and The Hermit. From looking at the pictures, I got no impression, still.
-I then drew two more cards, the Fool and the Hierophant, still got no impression.

The pictures of this deck are different from the Rider Waite deck. I think that's the reason why I did not get a positive impression, but I know the Hermit means divination, spirituality, the Fool means beginning. Even when I look up the meaning in the little book that comes with the deck, the meaning is still different.

so, I am not sure whether this deck is good for me or not.
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Edge  Edge is offline
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To understand the question is the Thoth deck suitable, you may wish to examine your intentions for undertaking the task of working with such a tool. Is it suitable for divination... absolutely. For spiritual discipline and occult wisdom, again yes. One must be prepared to understand this is a "New Aeon" deck, to better understand what this means I suggest an open mind and careful study of the facts. DuQuotte is an excellent source of user friendly information regarding the Aeon, history and other relevant information. Comparison of the RW and Thoth presents many difficulties as has already been hinted to in this thread.
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connegrl  connegrl is offline
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I'm a tarot newbie and the Thoth is one of the few decks that drew me. I don't like some of the symbolism in the RWS deck. Particularly 'Judgement'. I have Duquette's book and its a keeper. I haven't finished it yet, but I can recommend it just on his explanation of the Rosy Cross. Loved it! So all that being said, the Thoth is not my main reading deck. I'm working with a different deck almost exclusively. I look at the cards from the Thoth deck and compare them to the cards from the deck I'm using right now. This is appropriate for me right now. I discovered that much as I love the artwork, I was overwhelmed. I needed something that didn't have that effect on me to learn on. In a few weeks, I'm sure I'll go back to it armed with my Duquette book. This is in my opinion a deck that will be with me as long as I read Tarot cards. I have two versions of the darn thing. The large green box (so I can actually see all the details) and the version that has the three magus cards. I think it is a good investment in time and money. It will expand what you think you know.

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brenmck  brenmck is offline
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Originally Posted by Milfoil
I responded early on to this thread with high praise for DuQuette's book.
Since then I have been studying Gerd Ziegler's Tarot - Mirror of The Soul and have learned a whole lot from it. It is formatted like many traditional Tarot books, with card pictures followed by expostions. It is very user-friendly, highly readable, and a great reference.

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