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Sheridan Douglas - Ace of Swords

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Sheridan Douglas - Ace of Swords

Like all the aces in this deck, this is a very simple looking image.

A shining yellow sword against a black background.

I like the fact that the background is black in this card. The Ace of Sword to me is the 'lightbulb moment' card.

I like to think that the Aces (being number one) relate to the Magician and so depict the moment when you are conscious of the energy of the suit, the instant when you are aware that this energy, this gift is there so with the Swords it's the moment when the idea and the knowledge that this is doable, that this has the potential to actually become something, occurs.
It's the flash of inspiration or the moment when the 'lightbulb' goes on in your head (if you know what I mean ).
I think that this yellow sword really conveys that well.. It shines against the blackness.

The blackness also makes me think of the other meaning of the suit of swords, conflict.
This is a call to action, a rallying call...

Looking forward to everyone's thoughts.
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There aren't many cards in the deck with a black background, infact all but one seem to be in the Sword suit. I wonder why that is?

When I look at this card I see an almost 3D affect as though I am looking through a keyhole into a lit up room. Yellow is inspiration. I get the impression of a gateway or opening as though we go from darkness into light, everything suddenly becomes clear to us.
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I've only had time to look thru the deck a couple of times, but I pulled out this card and took another look. The shining sword of the intellect prepared to cut thru the darkness. I really like it. The thought is there, and it's prepared to sally forth and do battle. It just needs the hand to wield it.

Man am I happy I succumbed and bought this deck. It just came today and WOW. So often the AT hype on a deck doesn't pan out for me. This is different. The colors go straight to my heart/intuition. I like the retro feel. I like the quality. I may be reading with the IIT for the next two months, but this is my deck.

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I've pulled this card out too - I'll leave it in view for the day and see what comes up. At the moment its the colours that are drawing me - two simple colours black and yellow and yet they are not simple - the black is a deep vibrant glossy black, it looks like black enamel paint and the yellow is a bright primary yellow. The sword stands out in the middle of the card like a bright yellow beacon, or as Sulis said 'a lightbulb'.

Its the colour of communicating and of health, a bright yellow that seems to radiate from the card.
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Originally Posted by Moonbow*
When I look at this card I see an almost 3D affect as though I am looking through a keyhole into a lit up room.
Oh I like that idea!

I set this card up and looked at it for a whole day and over and over I kept hearing Genesis :1-3 going through my head.
It's so beautiful, almost like poetry.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
And God said. "Let there be light."
God saw that the light was good, he separated the light from the darkness, God called the light "day" and the darkness he called "night."

And there was evening, and there was morning---it was the first day.

The above just seems to fit this card so well...

In the darkness there is germination...the possibility of anything to grow.
That first shaft of light that ever split the darkness.
The first seed that ever burst open.
The first baby that ever formed.

All done with drama, pain, conflict, inspiration, truth, insight, and an irrepressable force.
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