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Originally Posted by purple_scorp
I think this woman in my picture seems to be managing her load okay though.....what do you think, tink?

with love
Oh yes! purple_scorp! Success comes to those who persevere!

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Aries............first sign of the zodiac.............a new cycle, new beginnings, Spring, birth.

A woman, a load and pastel colours..............first thought that came to mind was of pregnancy and birth.

Interesting reading about the different woman each one of us imagines.

Lovely gentle feminine woman is quiet , rather reserved ......she keeps much to herself. Those who look at her see only the pastels .......the Aries fire is not outwardly discernable but itís there inside her..............she isnít yet seen in her true colours..........may not yet know herself what those colours are or how brightly they can shine.

She has recently taken a new direction in some way.............this is only the early stages of this new venture and is at present mostly self focused. Something she has chosen to do for her own growth without knowing or understanding the wider implications.
She is focused and determined but at this stage must be careful to walk at the right pace..............the load she carries is valuable and she canít afford to drop it ........or become to weary to continue.
She may well be a leader but I donít see her as an out the front, flag waving, Ďfollow me, mení type...................more of a trailblazer, a gentle Hermit shining a light ......... leaving footprints for those who come behind to follow.

As I let the feeling for my woman take form the words of a song kept coming into my mind............all day I kept hearing this simple song I havenít heard for years. That and the image I made created a story with a spiritual perspective.

Little donkey, little donkey, on the dusty road
Got to keep on plodding onward with your precious load.
Been a long time, little donkey, through the winterís night
Donít give up now, little donkey, Bethlehemís in sight........

........Little donkey, carry Mary, safely on her way.

Looking beyond the obvious Christian Christmas message there is something more.

Donkey is a Master Teacher with a strong dedication to Spirit who embodies the qualities of servitude, perseverance and who has been willing to take on the responsibility of carrying the load.
Often scorned and ridiculed, used and abused, oppressed by a cruel master the gentle donkey is a stubborn survivor and walks quietly among us.

My woman is one of many ............both men and women who in the material world come from every walk of life but are connected together by a special mission.
On the spiritual plane these people are donkeys.................souls who have contracted to bear the weight of responsibility for this valuable and precious load.

In Celtic lore the Veiled One is Cailleach..............the Ancient Earth, the Sovereignty of the Land . Seen as a hag or crone she represents the Goddess of Winter.

Over many lifetimes the donkeys have carried their load through the darkness of, the snows are melting, it is Spring again and a new cycle begins. A new spiritual consciousness and awareness is beginning to emerge.....very gently , a pale wash of pastel watercolour begins to be seen. A rainbow of hope and promise for the future.
As Cailleach turns away her other face is revealed......... the beautiful Brigid, she of the Fiery Flame.............herald of Spring and the return of the light which turns the earth green again.

It is just the beginning ..............the load is a little lighter, the responsibility not quite so heavy but the donkeys will continue to carry their message until it shines strong and bright once more.

Turning cycles...........dark to is the natural order of things. In our lives there will be cold winters when the load seems to heavy to carry...............we must keep plodding on , keeping the flame of courage alive in our hearts in the knowledge that Spring will eventually come.

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Back again from Aries 3............thinking on this symbol as the Self.

Somewhere, tink, at the end of a post you mentioned 'the five' .........sorry I can't find it but its probably relevant.

What this carrying could be self-knowledge...........the imprint of her "I am'................who she has the potential to become.

2 & 3 =5.............the number of man and often seen as a picture of a body with arms and legs outstretched........the pentagram

Five points balanced to make wholeness.

Throughout our lives we're constantly learning and growing. As children we observe and are taught those things considered necessary for us to survive on our own.
Later on we continue to explore and experiment.
Physically we discover how to care for and nourish our bodies.......we choose what suits us best.
Emotionally we learn through our relationships........learning to find the balance between give and take.
Mentally we learn to think for ourselves, make wise & foolish decisions, acquire knowledge...........again our choice what that will be.
We discover and develop our skills and talents, how they can be used to make a living.

Our life experiences, both good and bad, add to the growth and gradually we learn to take responsibility for our progress, understanding that we are the source , the creator of our lives.

That is only four.................the fifth is Spirit and until we take the responsibility of seeing ourself as the source of our spirituality we can't be truly whole.
Believing the Divine Presence is a being outside of themself disconnects a person from their source...........the small flame of Spirit that is the One that connects us to the All. It separates.
We give away the right to control our own spiritual progress by allowing others to lay down rules and doctrines that we must follow or else. We give away our personal power and become like the donkeys suffering under an oppressive master.

We empower ourselves when we remove ourselves from under that yoke.......perhaps that is when the glimmer of Spring appears .........the first step to lifting the veil.

A most informative site about the number 5.............interesting that it corresponds to Mars, the ruler of Aries.

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Wow! this is really interesting stuff mooncat2. The information on the number 5 is incredible!!

Also.....a child is conceived through the passions and sexual desires of intercourse between a man and a woman. Hieros Gamos means the combination of the feminine (2) and the masculine (3) = 5, the marriage number.

Not quite sure how all this fits with the symbol right now. I need to digest all this and then I'll be back!!

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I was doing a relocation chart for myself on moving to a place I thought was maybe interesting.
A sort of wild place, next to a small airport and a large reservoir of water.
A new development where the land is fairly doable.
It seems like a half decent way to go...not really to retire, or totally settle down..
I don't know really how to settle down in an area, or in a world that really isn't settled down either.
Look at the housing crisis, etc...people loosing their homes, foreclosing, etc.

Found some land I may be able to afford, just to own some land, and I'd like to be doing some flying lessons here in the "future"...

It seemed sort of like a dream to find a place right next to a small airport like this...
About a half an hour outside of a major city....but who cares when you can fly, that's about a 10 minute flight.

It's kind of a whim, and an adventure of sorts...some unknown, to be known...
Hunting, fishing, mountains, and a house of my own out near some wilderness....
In a spot I could appreciate in the nation.
With a single engine prop plane, I could easily go to a few different major places I would like to see this lifetime....

The relocation chart placed aries 23 on the MH...
I have mars conj pluto in house 4 on this relocation chart...
Natal Libra...
Mars 23 degrees libra,
Libra 24 degrees libra...

Which seems kind of have my 10th house ruler in the 4th opposite.
Conj pluto...

But Spica is very fortunate as a fixed star too...or so I have heard...

A decent place to retire?
Maybe purchase some land?

My thoughts say it is promising at this observations say this looks about alright...with allot of possibility for positive events.
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