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New Year's Spread - I'll be the first to start this Thread

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imagoddess  imagoddess is offline
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New Year's Spread - I'll be the first to start this Thread

The following spread is what I plan to perform on New Year's Eve. But, I am interested to see and learn what others plan to do. Please share!

I am going to perform a 32 card category spread. In it each card represents ONE category. It is a general purpose reading to show what is coming up in the next year. Here are the categories.

1. Focus
2. Desire
3. Romance
4. The Unexpected
5. Others
6. The Home
7. Travel
8. Papers
9. Work/Career
10. Unions
11. Emotional State
12. Pleasure
13. News
14. Family
15. The Physical Body
16. Finances
17. Time
18. Friends
19. Visitors/Callers
20. Mail
21. Anxiety
22. Disappointment
23. Endings
24. New Beginnings
25. Inheritance
26. Rewards/Gifts
27. Success
28. Fortune
29. Blessings
30. Special Guidance
31. Best Course of Action
32. Outcome

I have never performed a spread as "mundane" as this, but I will see how it goes. Any suggestions or comments?
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wavebreaker  wavebreaker is offline
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I did mine for Yule and it's very simple: I draw 12 cards, one for each month of the coming year.
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I plan on doing he same as tarotlady, but I am going to do mine on New Years' Eve. Yours looks like a great spread, though!
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Jeanette  Jeanette is offline
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I've never done a spread with more than a dozen or so cards. I am afraid it would be too time consuming and confusing! I guess I'm a coward, but I know my limitations I do plan to bring a deck along to a party I'm going to, and maybe do some readings. I think that will be fun. Good luck, imagoddess!
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JC  JC is offline
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Your idea reminds me of Madame Lenormand's Nines. I don't own any books bout her specifically; I've just seen an outline for the spread in the book that came with my Fortune Teller's Deck. It's left to right in four rows of nine, starting with the top row, and the topics go like this:

First row:
#1. current projects 2. satisfaction 3. success 4. hopes 5. risk and speculation
6. desire 7. challenges 8. adversaries 9. acquaintances and associates

Second row
#10. loss 11. home 12. money 13. joy 14. love 15. luck 16. commitment 17. worries 18. happiness

Third row
#19. prospects 20. communication 21. rivals 22. talents 23. love phase 24. progress 25. benefits 26. creativity 27. changes

Fourth row
#28. endings 29. rewards 30. gossip and scandal 31. the wheel of fortune 32. resources 33. hidden factors 34. travel 35. ambition 36. health

I haven't tried this spread out myself. Usually I stick to Celtic Crosses or spreads I modify to my purposes. For New Year's I'll probably do a CC or a Zodiac spread similar to Tarotlady and Phoenix's. I think I'd do at least twenty four cards, though; one for each month and each house. Ooooo, I'm getting ideas for a new spread!
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Trogon  Trogon is offline
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Well... I actually haven't done my new year's reading yet... I'm such a slacker! However, I did one this morning for one of my coworkers... I kind of did it on the spur of the moment. I did a 5-card linear spread with the following position meanings;

1=Passing influences

2=Accomplishments to reflect on

3=What will be carried over into the next year

4=Incomming influences

5=Goal for the comming year

It actually worked out very well.
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paradoxx  paradoxx is offline
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ive decided to use the inital template with teh titlles on the sacred circle tarot cards. I have learned that a simple word can describe a situation very well.

1. Focus/1 wands-creativity
2. Desire/9 cups-stability
3. Romance/page cups-reflection
4. The Unexpected/9 disks-gain
5. Others/5 cups-regret
6. The Home/3 swords-discord
7. Travel/4 disks-materialism
8. Papers/10 cups-reward
9. Work/Career/2 words opposition
10. Unions/queen swords-imaginatino
11. Emotional State/death
12. Pleasure/chariot
13. News/4 swords-rest
14. Family/ the sun
15. The Physical Body/teh warrior (strength)
16. Finances/1 disks abundance
17. Time/the hight priest (magician)
18. Friends/knight of cups-movement
19. Visitors/Callers/queen wands-illumination
20. Mail/King cups-water
21. Anxiety/10 wands force
22. Disappointment/7 disks prudence
23. Endings/1 cups sprituality
24. New Beginnings/20 rebirth (how fitting)
25. Inheritance/7 cups delusion
26. Rewards/Gifts/2 cups-harmony
27. Success/discontent
28. Fortune/0 green man (fool)
29. Blessings/King Disks-earth
30. Special Guidance/9 wands revovery
31. Best Course of Action/page swords-thought
32. Outcome/12 sacrifice-hanged man

this was an intersting selection fo cards that apply on multiple levels, hopefully this enhances this thread and offers its services to its maxium capability
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Lenorma  Lenorma is offline
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Smile New Year's Spread, etc.

Re: Category spreads, Lenormand's Nines and New Year's Spread:

I found online digitized newspapers that had old time articles outlining the use of a 36 card spreads. Worth looking for.
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Hemera  Hemera is offline
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Moderator Note

Originally Posted by Lenorma View Post
I found online digitized newspapers that had old time articles outlining the use of a 36 card spreads. Worth looking for.
Oh, that sounds really interesting! I donīt suppose you could add the link or upload a picture?

This is a very old thread so just a general reminder that readings are no longer allowed in Tarot Spreads (see paradoxx post). Readings are posted in Your Readings Please see our Posting Rules
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