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Ordering the Deck Between Readings?

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Ordering the Deck Between Readings?

Does anyone put their deck in order before or after a reading? I found a site the other day that mentioned this and it got me thinking... I've done it a few times myself, but usually after I'm done with the cards (I'm still learning, so I haven't done too many readings yet).

Also, do you prefer to have your minors in the same order (ex: P/W/C/S) or do you just put them all together and let the cards decide?


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Cool That's an Order!

No, I do not put a deck I'm using in order between readings, but decks in storage usually are 'ordered' before they are put away. I find that when I am finished with a reading that I do a few more shuffles before I wrap up the cards, thus scattering the cards once again.
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The only time I order a deck is for study/scholarship purposes, when I won't be using it for readings for a while and would prefer to be able to find specific cards as quickly as possible.

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I have never placed a deck in sequential order.

Once shuffled, that becomes its nature.
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I also do not put my deck in order...Main I dont feel I need to and also..It is VERY time consuming.
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I did in the beginning. But I feel it completely "deletes" the deck of any energy. I like a build-up. Anything negative can be "poofed away" as needed.
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I feel somehow it is wrong to order the deck, unless there is a specifi,c and to be frank extraordinary, reason to. Actually, I even feel funny sorting through a deck to find a card. It just feels like the energy that I have placed in the cards will be altered.

However, each to their own! If it feels better for you, then go for it.

Oh, and another reason I don't order the decks is that I find it interesting when doing a new reading to see the bottom card from the old shuffle. Amazing how many times it is relevant to the new shuffle.
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I've put decks in order if I want to study or compare them to other decks but I don't leave them in order and they have to have a good shuffle, I mean a good five minutes plus, before I use them again. The only real habit I have with my decks is to face the spare cards back and front to protect the deck before they go back into their boxes
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Thumbs down

I don't order my cards. It's like removing their history. If that makes any sense. Each time I read, the deck has been re-ordered. Not into a nice organized deck but the deck has changed and the new order is now how it should be. IMO.

Anyway, by organizing the deck I feel like I am erasing previous readings from it and thus removing important parts of the decks history. Man, I don't know if that makes any sense but, there it is for what it's worth.

If for some reason I feel like the deck is developing a negative energy though, I will organize them again. To start fresh.
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Lightbulb re-ordering

I think re-ordering is best when you might want to clear a deck of previous energies. Other than that, I wouldnt do it.
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