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Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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Kundalika  Kundalika is offline
Join Date: 12 Feb 2003
Location: India
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Question Osho Zen Tarot Deck


Does anyone use Osho Zen regularly? I want to buy this deck, it is really beautiful, but I read somewhere that its not recommended for beginners (like me). Any ideas, tips or suggestions?

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Diana  Diana is offline
Join Date: 01 Jan 2002
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Kundalika: The Osho Zen is an incredibly beautiful deck. However, contrary to many people, I don't consider it to be a true Tarot deck, although it has the usual 78 cards (well, 79 really, because there's an extra card with Osho on it as the Master ), and four elements.

It is Tarot-based, Tarot inspired, but it is so unique, and the messages it gives you can be so far removed from anything that Tarot would normally give you. It is more like having Osho himself in your pocket, than having a Tarot deck!

It is so easy to understand. The Little White Book that comes with it is so full of life and wisdom.

Osho's sense of humour, his great wisdom and his Zen-ness really talk through this deck, even though it was not actually made by him.

Buy it. You won't be disappointed.
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I agree with diana, this deck does not read (or at least for me) like a tarot. This is the deck I use for inner wisdom..the thing calls me when I need a kick in the toosh, all of a sudden I just notice it...

I love this deck, the insight, the images..I loved it so much I bout the TOA of tarot by the same artist..I don't think it matters if you are a beginner..just try to learn and use it "Not as a Tarot" don't try to apply tarot logic (book meanings) to this deck.

I would suggest that you do purchase it and if you don't have a basic tarot deck, try the universal waite or connolly.

Blessings and good reading

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magpie9  magpie9 is offline
Join Date: 07 Nov 2002
Location: High Desert, Small City, hold the Chilli
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Absolutely get it. It speaks directly to the soul, while being well-grounded.

Like Diana, I don't see it as really being tarot. But there are a lot of excellent tarot decks out there, and this does not have to be an either-or choice.

I can't speak to the "Osho" part of it--I know absolutely nothing about that--it seems to me to be beautifully Zen.

I have had it for years, and have made no effort to "learn" the cards, because I want to be able to come to each one "new" every time I draw it, with as few pre-conceptions or attachments as possible. It's how I feel I get the most out of them.

I hope you get the deck, and I hope your experience with it is as wonderful as mine.
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Mimers  Mimers is offline
Join Date: 27 Jan 2003
Location: NewYork, USA
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I have to agree with the rest of them. If you are drawn to this deck, you will not be dissapointed. It has so much to offer. It is however not your typical Tarot deck, and should not in my opinion be used to learn Tarot with. You can however learn more of yourself with it.

I love this deck. It is one of my favorites, but I don't use it often, because it only speaks in certain ways. Does that make sense?

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Kundalika  Kundalika is offline
Join Date: 12 Feb 2003
Location: India
Posts: 95
Smile Excellent advice

Thank you Diana, cjtarot, magpie9, Mimers.

I wil purchase this deck! Thanx again for sharing your insights.
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You may also want to read the interview with Ma Deva Padma, the creator of the Osho Zen deck.
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Khatruman  Khatruman is offline
Join Date: 11 Oct 2002
Location: New Jersey, USA
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Another promoter of the Osho Zen.. whether "traditional" or not, it is a very clear and deep deck. It will not disappoint you.
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rostie  rostie is offline
Join Date: 04 Dec 2001
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just love it!!! it was my second deck i believe and i never regreted it!!! and don't worry, i was a beginner too then and i had no problems with it, so easy to understand, to feel...just GEt It
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Mysti  Mysti is offline
Join Date: 10 Apr 2003
Location: Colorado, USA
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I really love this deck. I think it was my third deck.

I agree that it is not a tarot deck, but more designed for meditation and inner awareness. The colors and the illustrations are beautiful, and each card has its own meaning.

I used to try to relate it back to the Tarot, but found that it really isn't meant to be used that way as the meanings are so profound and clear as they are.

I have done readings for myself with it, and find they are always quite on the mark, so the difference in meanings does not detract from the usefulness of this deck either. However, it does not speak to me of "them out there", but rather of myself. It's a personal growth deck to me.

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