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Rooms spread. What do you think?

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Rooms spread. What do you think?

Yesterday i was a bit bored, and found myself at my bedroom, asking me what things could i change in the room to feel more confortable in it. Then i had the idea of making a spread of it to get suggestions... I just took a card for each area of the room and put them in the shape of the room's plan. Since it is almost square, the spread came something like this:


Was very interesting to see it, but a bit difficult to interpret. To make the idea more clear: 1= shelves, 2= bed, 3= shelves, 4= door, 5= stuff in the corner, 6= closet, 7= pc and drawers, 8= table.
Mmmh... after it i tried to do one for all the appartment, assignin a card for each room. This way i see how I perceived each room and which of them needed to be arranged or "cleanned" in an energy sense.
So... what do you thing about it? Have you ever tried something similar? Seems useless or good? Any new ideas to improve it?
I had a good time doing it, so thats why i wanted to share it here.
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Thumbs up

I love interior design and every room brings me great joy. What would you do if a room card came up with the Devil Hmmm I see warm colours (or maybe you should think about a bondage den LOL).
I guess you could use the colours on the cards to give you insperation. Temperance could be a cool tranquil room, The sun bright and happy with lots of yellows/limes.

Anyway have fun with it I think its a fab way of looking at what is possible.

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Join Date: 08 Feb 2003
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Hi Doey!

I like too decoration and design. You can use the colours on the cards, materials (Wands=wood, Cups=water, glass, swords= metal, etc...), their meanings or something represented in the cards like flowers...

Mmmmh with a card like the devil, maybe would be interesting to place there something that amplifies the senses, something to have fun or a darker and more chaotic ambient...
Anyways I also liked the idea of this spread to know about the energies in the rooms. In this view, that room would need a little cleansing to bring more armonic ones.

Thanks for the comments. Sure will have fun with it. At least for a while...
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Ah! Great idea Inana!
My partner and I have also been chatting over our bedroom. We are thinking of painting it on sat. since we both have the day off. I feel like I can't be comfortable in the room with the offwhite walls.. and the way we have it set up. So I am going to borrow your idea here and see how it works.

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I really like this idea! I will have to give it a try sometime; I'm just not very confident that my interpretations will make it to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine! Ha-ha, nothing in my home would be decorator-approved, but I have everything that I like and am happy being surrounded with and that's all that matters to me. Inana, how did you get the inspiration for this? I never would have thought of it ~ I'm jealous!
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Rusty Neon 

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Feng Shui

It would be interesting to see how concepts of Feng Shui could be melded into a house spread ... beyond using Connolley's Feng Shui Tarot deck.
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Join Date: 08 Feb 2003
Location: Spain
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Im happy you like the idea.

Amaya: Good luck with the painting!

Jeanette: The inspiration came while i was thinking about make changes in my bedroom. I wanted to redecorate it, move items, etc... but didnt know what to do exactly. A few minutes before i was doing some practice with tarot cards, so they were near me and the idea appeared. I thought it was a fun way to help think how make changes.
The decoration is good if it makes you feel confortable. Me too like to mix lot of different things. So no matter if a decorator doesnt approve it.

Rusty Neon: You've made a good point here. Would be very interesting to mix the concepts of Feng-Shui in combination with tarot. I dont know almost nothing about Feng-shui but maybe if someone here knows can give us good ideas on it.
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Fantastic idea! Especially if you mix in some Feng-Shui stuff too. Actually had a client who was combining my Tarot readings with some advice from a Feng Shui consultant - nice how the two can partner up

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Rusty Neon,
You read my mind! I was thinking that a spread based on the ba gua would be just the thing here, and his spread even has 8 cards!
It might go something like this (the shape of an octogon):


1. Recognition & fame, or the front door
2. Marriage/relationships, master bedroom
3. children or creativity, children's room (or art studio, etc.)
4. helpful people or mentors, living room
5. career prospects, office
6. education, office or study
7. family and health, dining room
8. wealth and prosperity, kitchen

Or something like that, maybe...just my first thoughts. The cards could tell you the strengths or weaknesses of each room or area of your life. What a neat idea!
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