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Lionheart's Avatar
Join Date: 23 May 2003
Location: Goulburn, NSW, Australia
Posts: 12
Cutting the deck

I visited a lady in Sydney a couple of times, her accuracy was excellent in her tarot readings. She'd ask me to shuffle the cards and split the deck 3 ways. I would do this and she would then turn the 3 piles over and read where I cut the cards, she said that these cards gave her an indication of what is around me now, at this very moment.

Since my interest in tarot cards was only very new at the time, I ‘adopted’ this method and have always found it to be right, that it is an indication of what is around at the time of the reading.

I did two readings for myself the first reading I did when cutting the deck I turned over : 6 swords ; 8 wands ; The Lovers. (both times about a move I desperately want and need)

The second reading while shuffling the cards, The Lovers fell out of the deck twice ( I have always noted cards falling out of decks ) I cut and the exact same cards were at the cut: 6/S 8/W Lovers.

I have been reading tarot cards for about 15 years now and used this method of looking at where the deck was cut and have NEVER had the same cut, ( I thought it was really good because I love it when these sorts of things happen). When doing readings I have always noted the same cards keep ‘popping’ up around the same time/issues for people, but not the cut, although there is no reason for it not to happen.

What I am wondering is how many people read the cut like this ?
Do you even look at the cut?
And if so have you ever been able to relate to it?
Or do you do something different with the cut?

Have a great day!!!
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Old 03-07-2003     Top   #1
Join Date: 02 Apr 2003
Location: Afghanistan
Posts: 346

I have tried before but the result doesn't seems appealing to me. I guess it all depends on the reader.
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Old 03-07-2003     Top   #2
The Thirteenth Moon
Thirteen's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
Posts: 8,608
Left-hand cut

The method I learned was to have the querent shuffle the deck and then, when they were ready, to set the deck down and cut it. There was only one cut, the important thing was that they cut with their "other" hand. So, if right-handed use the left, if left-handed use the right.

That's the one and only cutting method I've ever used. Yours sounds unique and very interesting.
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Old 03-07-2003     Top   #3
Join Date: 13 Jan 2002
Posts: 31
cards falling out

I often notice cards falling out when I shuffle (mainly because my cards are very big) - do you think I should take more notice of these?

--------Blessed Be------------
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Old 06-07-2003     Top   #4
The Thirteenth Moon
Thirteen's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
Posts: 8,608
Re: cards falling out

Originally posted by RainbowFire
I often notice cards falling out when I shuffle (mainly because my cards are very big) - do you think I should take more notice of these?
But of course--not if a dozen or more fall out, but if one or three, absolutely.
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Old 06-07-2003     Top   #5
rota's Avatar
Join Date: 04 Oct 2002
Location: Rose City, emerald Oregon
Posts: 1,179

The cards visible at the cut -- an interesting idea to incorporate them into readings. I do think it will warrant more thought.

I do like to use the so-called 'shadow card', as it's called: the card visible at the bottom of the shuffled-and-cut deck. I use that card as a commentary or sidelight on the question at hand; it's often very illuminating.

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"...exertion is greater than destiny, and ... the will of man is superior to all events." Bhishma
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Old 06-07-2003     Top   #6
Little Baron 
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 9,963

Never knew there was a name for the bottom card but I am always interested about it. I never like to look but after your post, I think I might start integrating it into my readings as I think it might be enlightening. I never look at the cut usually.

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Old 19-07-2003     Top   #7
Osher's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Dec 2001
Location: St.Albans, England
Posts: 4,392

Funny, I used to read the 'shadow card' and found it accurate, I wonder why I stopped doing this. Hmmm

I was told to cut with the left hand as it is nearer the heart. Not sure if right or wrong, but since then I have only felt correct if cutting using the left hand.

When cards fall out I generally can 'feel' if it is just blunder, or if significant. Obviously, if significant, I read them too.
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Old 22-07-2003     Top   #8
dolphinprincess's Avatar
Join Date: 29 May 2003
Location: .. in a daydream by the ocean
Posts: 1,107


just curious - when you cut the deck into three piles, do you turn over the first card in each pile, or do you turn over the entire pile, reading the bottom card? I've tried the first but not the second way - it sounds interesting!

"Remember what Bilbo used to say: It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to...” -Frodo to Sam, LOTR
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Old 23-07-2003     Top   #9
Shade's Avatar
Join Date: 28 Aug 2002
Location: California, USA
Posts: 2,817

Siccne I first learned I have always cut the cards into three piles from left to right but then I place them together with the formerly lowest pile now on top. The significance of the left to right cut being the futire coming towards me and the three piles originally being what my first LWB told me but now in reverence to the Triple Goddess.

I have often thought about reading the tops of the piles without stacking them again becasue it seems, at times, strange to cut them into thirds without making use of three piles. But I'm a Taurus and loathe to change my systems (jhell, I hate to change parking places).

"Ah, it is the fault of our science that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain." - Abraham Van Helsing from Dracula by Bram Stoker
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Old 23-07-2003     Top   #10
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