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Join Date: 02 Oct 2001
Posts: 2
What about reading you're self?

I always herd that you shouldnt read yourself, is that true? what could be the effects of it?

Eden Lane
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faunabay's Avatar
Join Date: 28 Aug 2001
Location: Missouri, USA
Posts: 8,219

I read for myself all the time. But the problem with doing that is it's hard not to bias your readings. You can too easily read what you want into the spread. And in turn not be open to what it's really trying to tell you.
I think that's the reason some people say not to read for yourself. It's too easy to make it say what you want it to.
I try to keep that in mind and be open. But sometimes it is hard because the cards are telling you something you don't want to hear.

aeclectic name: faunabay
fairy name: Pithia Feedle Blackthorn Silvenslipper
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joya250's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Aug 2001
Location: Maine
Posts: 1,139

if I didn't read for myself, I wouldn't be reading at all!
there's nothing wrong with it, and is great practice - for example, you could think about someone, draw a card and then compare what you know to what you see; same goes for a situation that has already passed.
It's a double-sided sword, as Faunnabay said, it could be tricky 'cause you may bias the cards to say what you want. But on the other hand, you may see more clearly because of your firsthand experience.
good luck with it.
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Join Date: 07 Aug 2001
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 109

I've found that reading for myself has been one of the more helpful ways to learn more about the cards. I've had a few of what Oprah calls "aha moments"..

First, it's taught me alternative meanings to cards that I might not have caught right off.

It seems that when I read for myself it's like the advice of a good friend-I don't always like what they have to say, but the honesty is there. As long as you use your free will, that's what is important.

I'm also learning about the different personalities of each deck, so when I want a softer opinion, I use a softer deck--or whatever...

Love and Light,
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Join Date: 11 Sep 2001
Posts: 3

I also read for myself. This is how I am learning. I can take my time and look up any card that does not make sense to me in the spread. I have more than one book and each author has different interpretations for the cards, so I am becoming more open in my readings.

I am sometimes bias, but I also notice that the tarot will gets it message through no matter how bias I am. For example, I will do more than one general reading and the outcome will be the same card. Today it was Temperance for patience. Nothing in my life is moving in any area. I have been very inpatient. The other cards in both readings point to good things heading my way. So I am getting the message. How can this be bad?

I do find that reading for others is much easier and I trust my instinicts more.
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Old 02-10-2001     Top   #5
The Thirteenth Moon
Thirteen's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
Posts: 8,607

edenlane (02 Oct, 2001 03:35):
I always herd that you shouldnt read yourself, is that true? what could be the effects of it?
I agree with Sunshine that the Tarot will get it's message through. On the other hand, I don't like reading for myself. I tend to get fuzzy when I read my own cards, see too many possible interpetations because I know too damn much about myself and my life. If that makes sense. Also, I suspect the "don't read for yourself!" warning has to do with your influence over the cards. I honestly believe that the cards know who they belong to, who their reader is, and who the querent is, and that some decks (not all) might not know how to "speak" when reader/querent are one in the same.

Then again, maybe it's just me

On still the other hand it's hard to break in a new deck or keep in practice unless you have someone to practice on. I use to have a someone who'd I read for on a monthly basis. She was great for breaking in a new deck because certain cards always showed up in almost any spread I did for her (there was a strange and potent psychic consistency about her). Alas, she moved away and now it's hard for me when I get a new deck to give it a trial run.

I guess whether you should or shouldn't depends on whether a reading comes together for you even if you're the subject. For me it all too often does not.
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Old 02-10-2001     Top   #6
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: phoenix, az
Posts: 247

i think you'll get a lot of disagreement in the tarot community whether reading for ones self is "good" or "bad". it's up to the individual, like so many other apsects of the tarot.

personally, while i do read for myself, i will often project my wishes into the meanings, as opposed to reading what is there. and this leads to misleading readings. knowing this however, facilitates open mindedness on my own part, with interpretations. in other words, when i read for myself, i take my interpretations with a grain of salt, and take more of a "i'll wait and see" attitude. after the events in question manifest, i'll go back to the original reading, and review my notes, adding actual outcomes to my original projected trends.

luv and light,
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Old 04-10-2001     Top   #7
purplelady's Avatar
Join Date: 06 Aug 2001
Location: east of the continental divide, USA
Posts: 1,203

I guess I'm sort-of a loner. I do all my own readings. They seem to be very accurate really.Although sometimes I am not certain how to interpret particular readings. Sometimes they are right on ,even later on that same day or within the next few days. Perhaps it is because I am open to accepting the negative. BUT if I feel at the time I really can't handle a negative reading , then I just won't do a reading for however long.Usually I get an overall feel about a reading even if I don't quite get certain cards or whatever. Sometimes they alert me and so I am not as surprised when something happens the next day. I say "a hah" well , it Was in the cards! Other times they confirm good things to come. And yet other times they don't seem to see the future, but instead speak to some psychological self or subconsciousness in a language it understands and though I couldn't put it into words anyone would really understand, it helps me in some indescribable way.
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Old 06-10-2001     Top   #8
jade's Avatar
Join Date: 10 Aug 2001
Location: on the little blue planet, third from the sun.
Posts: 2,976
What about reading you' self?

i only read for me. i haven't found anyone who can read me accurately, in any depth anyways. so i always do my own readings.


ps except my soul-sister her readings are accurate for me. :-)

shine your light :)
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Old 07-10-2001     Top   #9
faunabay's Avatar
Join Date: 28 Aug 2001
Location: Missouri, USA
Posts: 8,219

This is sort of off the subject, but not really. I just bought the book "Tarot for Your Self" by Mary Greer. It's amazing for personal tarot work. I'm loving it!!!! It goes into far more than just spreads for personal questions. I just can't say enough good things about it so far. I've only gotten through the first 2 chapters, but boy were they packed with information. I recommend it highly!!!!!!!

aeclectic name: faunabay
fairy name: Pithia Feedle Blackthorn Silvenslipper
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Old 07-10-2001     Top   #10
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