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Readings for the curious/skeptical

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isthmus nekoi 
Readings for the curious/skeptical

How do ppl feel about conducting readings for those who approach tarot in a curious/skeptical mindset?

On one hand, I enjoy reading for others and I think it helps me to shed light on the 'game/trickster' aspect of tarot reading (often I compare it to dreams - less serious and more serious than most other things). I also find it's good to have fresh perspectives on readings from ppl who don't know the history/dynamics behind tarot. I try to encourage any type of input no matter how off base/un-serious (for lack of a better term!!), uncensored impressions!

On the other hand, sometimes I have difficulties in conducting readings when they aren't taken seriously. I can ask a querant to concentrate when shuffling, but usually, they don't appear to, and I don't want to force them to. The other problem is when ppl accuse me of being too vague (newspaper horoscope), or when they can't immediatly see a correlation b/w a card and their lives that somehow it's *wrong*....
Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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when I sence someone wants a reading simply because they donīt believe I can do it - thatīs all just a bunch of humbug and mumbojumbo - I ask them general questions: sex, age, household, family and what the main question they want answered is. Then I go in privacy without the person and do the spread. I focus on the reading and have long time ago decided, that I realy donīt give a damn wether they believe or not - I know it works - and they can decieve me but they CANīt decieve the cards - usualy after they read my interpretation, they may still have doubts, but always a whole lot more respect of what I do- so my advise would be; donīt let them kick you, cause you know it works - that they will learn if they keep testing your skills in reading. To me itīs their lost not taking it serious, and defently not my job to convince them ..........
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I think I would rather do a reading for someone who is just curious, compared to skeptical - curious might still mean open-minded and able to accept what Tarot can do. Skeptical is almost like having to prove what can be achieved through Tarot readings, and seems more like an uphill battle. Some people may claim not to believe it, when in truth they are afraid. It's not your job to convert anyone and prove anything. Some folks think Tarot is "black magic" and there's evil behind it. Go figure! Jeanette
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isthmus nekoi
How do ppl feel about conducting readings for those who approach tarot in a curious/skeptical mindset?

The last time I did a reading for someone who thought Tarot was a game (other than my hubby) I could not get an accurate reading - it came up so jumbled, I told the person I couldn't read for her...

Believe it or not..hubby thinks it's a game, but he keeps asking me what the cards say and they are usually on target..go figure.

good reading
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glamourbug  glamourbug is offline
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Reading for sceptics, in my view, is a bit hit and miss. Normally they wouldn’t be very willing to co operate and would try to keep themselves to themselves for fear of giving something away. They like to stay silent and blank and provide no help for you at all. It can be like taking a stab in the dark seeing as cards can have several meanings and so if they wont even tell you when you are on the right track or if something makes sense you could end up going completely in the wrong direction or get it bang on target. Either way I think a skeptic will always remain a skeptic. They could go away believing a bit more but eventual find arguments to prove it wasn’t as good a reading as they first thought.
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Join Date: 14 Aug 2001
Location: toronto, canada
Posts: 2,529
isthmus nekoi 

Thanks for the responses!

I've never done a reading for someone trying to prove me wrong - don't think I ever will! Doesn't sound fun at all. And yes, reading to ppl to try to convince them of anything seems fruitless - besides, you've got enough to think about w/the cards right in front of you!
Agreed, it is more productive for the curious and open minded, at least they walk away w/something... whereas I don't feel a skeptic gets very much out of a reading (although if they're willing enough to sit down w/you and discuss a reading, I still think both parties learn something new - which is why I would bother to read to a skeptic).

Another problem I've run into is the frequency of readings. Sometimes I get ppl who want another reading *right after* (especially if the reading didn't come up sunshine and roses)and don't understand why I'm not willing to do so, even if I have the time. Has anyone else had this problem?

p.s. I don't mean to patronize tarot by calling it a game. I guess I'm stressing the relatively unstructured nature of tarot more than anything else. The whole notion of game/play is very marginalized in our society - the idea that play is only for children is not an idea I ascribe to. I think play is very important way to understand ourselves/our environment...
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Hi isthmus,

I so agree with what you say about play. It /is/ marginalised, and it /is/ important. Playing is often the best way to learn, I think. I certainly learnt a great deal about pc's and word processing by simply playing around.

Do you know the site
you might find it interesting.

All the best,

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EveAnna  EveAnna is offline
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I don't mind giving readings to people who are curious or skeptical - I usually can tell when I give a good reading and most times my cards get it right - I don't charge and its practise for me so at the end of the day even the curious are usually satisfied and the skeptics are made more curious lol
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isthmus nekoi (17 Oct, 2001 10:02):
p.s. I don't mean to patronize tarot by calling it a game.
Well that is what Tarot originally was, so why not?

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Jane- once you trivialize what you do, the audience loses respect for you.

If you defend yourself and what you do and they think-"well, here's a real nutcase" - then that is their loss. At least you made you point.

If you tell them that it's a lot of hooey and get vague and make it sound like something that was created by hippies on some bad weed, they will never respect what you are doing, nor should they.
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