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Another question : who shuffles?

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Diana  Diana is offline
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Another question from Ms. Perplexed: who shuffles?

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aeonx  aeonx is offline
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Greetings Diana.
I've also wondered about this often, and I haven's yet found out what's right for me. I'm fairly new to tarot, have been studying it for about one year, but lack experience in giving readings to people.
However, some people let the querent shuffle, so that their (the querent) energy is transferred to the deck, and in that way the deck 'consentrates' on the right person. The querent needs to connect with the deck so that the deck does not guide the person who gives the reading. Yet, I think that this is not the issue with most experienced tarot readers who give readings without letting the querent shuffle the cards first (because they are better trained in directing their energies and thoughts/feelings during a reading). In this connection it's also quite important to cleanse your deck before and after each reading, so the next reading won't be disturbed by other energies. Hope this was helpful.
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What I do, is if the querent is okay with telling me what their question is, I will ask the cards the question whilst shuffling for them. However, then I give the cards to the querent, ask them to think about the question, and cut the pack thrice with their left hand, kinda like shuffling I suppose. Then, they pass the deck back to me, and I deal. This way both our energies go into the question, deck, and reading, and the querent feels involved.

If they don't want me to know what they are asking (This usually only happens with my close friends who are asking questions about a particular person they are interested in) then I let them shuffle, after I have. Then they cut with the left hand, and the reading proceeds from there.

I guess its all down to what you feel comfortable with! But it's certainly interesting to know what other readers do.

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Thirteen  Thirteen is offline
The Thirteenth Moon
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As Aeonx points out, it's a personal thing. Some readers don't like folk touching their deck--they feel in tune with it and letting a stranger paw it, get their energies all over it, doesn't feel right to them. Others, like me, feel that the cards can better atune themselves to the querent if the querent shuffles or at least cuts the deck. But, as Aeonx points out, this means you have to cleanse them between querents. Which I do simply by rapping the table--though there have been a few times where I laid out a spread, realised it was still atuned to the last person, and had to shuffle it and "white-light-it" (envision it engulfed in white light) before it was refreshed and ready to have another go.

As I have done successful spreads online and over the phone, it's clear that the querent doesn't need to shuffle the cards for their reading. But I feel it helps, and I think it gets them involved in the process, makes them a part of the reading rather than relegating them to pure observer.
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Temperance413  Temperance413 is offline
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Usually I let the querent shuffle the cards, and ask the question while they shuffle. I reserve a deck just for readings for other people though. That way only thier vibrations are on the cards. I use two seperate decks for me. One for readings and spreads the other for meditation. I think for me, when the querent shuffles this allows more of thier feelings to enter the cards. I have an aunt who can't and won't shuffle, so I do it for her and sometimes my feelings come out on the cards instead of hers.
But ultimately, it comes down to how YOU feel about it. I don't know who said it, someone on one of the other threads, but you have to do what is right for you, there is no one way to read the Tarot, and we're all here to learn, so experiment and find what works for you. ( If you let the querent shuffle, don't forget to smudge the cards after
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blumoon  blumoon is offline
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Location: Sydney, Australia
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i get the querent to reverse half of the pack and then place the cards one by one into 3 piles and then join them back up, thats so they have touched all the cards

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Geenius at Wrok's Avatar
Geenius at Wrok  Geenius at Wrok is offline
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Geenius at Wrok 

I'm a good riffle shuffler . . . and a lot of other people aren't. So, in the best interests of the cards, I shuffle, then have the querent cut the deck. (Though actually, most of the time, I'm just reading for myself.)
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Emily  Emily is offline
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On the rare occasions that I have read for other people, I make sure the deck is well shuffled before I give it to them, then they give a little shuffle (I don't like people being rough with my decks so a quick shuffle to make sure the cards have picked up some of their vibrations is enough for a reading) - after the reading I spend sometime shuffling and going through my cards (i have no idea why, just like to do it)
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nexyjo  nexyjo is offline
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i prefer the querent shuffle, though i'll do it for them if they are uncomfortable, and have them cut the deck. if i'm reading on line, of course i shuffle and cut. though i rarely do readings at all, and mostly use the tarot for meditation and self exploration. but once friends learn that i'm into the tarot, they usually ask for a reading.
luv and light,
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Diana: It seems to be a matter of personal preference.
I suggest you experiment with different methods to see which one seems to work the best for you or that you feel most comfortable with.
I prefer to do all the shuffling whilst the client concentrates on the question/concern only because I have found this is what seems to work best for my readings.
I shuffle until the deck feels "tight". Afterwards, I hand the deck to the client, ask the client to cut the deck into 3 piles, put the piles together & hand the deck back to me. I then proceed with the throw.
When I do readings at a distance, without the physical presence of the client, I do all the shuffling & cutting of the cards & have had good results.
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