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The Egg Spread - for when you feel stuck

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The Egg Spread - for when you feel stuck

Hi all,
I found this spread in Cait Johnson's book, "Tarot for Everyday." Which is a pretty neat book BTW. Here it is:


1. Where you are now, the present situation
2. What's over your head. This can be what's on your mind, or an attitude or habit which keeps you in this situation.
3 & 4. Either side of you. Factors involved in creating the situation.
5. The basis - an issue or event from the past that put you into this situation.
6. Breaking out - what you need to do to get out of this situation.
7. The outside - what it will be like when you are out of the situation. A negative card can indicate that you need this "time out" for more growth and learning.
I did a reading with this and it was awesome.
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What a great looking spread. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try this one.

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Well, I used it today and I like it alot!!!

Thanks for sharing it, DeLani!
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Thumbs up I loved it

This spread needs more attention.
What a wonderful spread this is.!! Very insightful results

I used this with together with the endura oracle deck ( +Gothic tarot deck)
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Thank you for this. I found it helpful today.

As part of internalizing a spread layout, I will sometimes make a graphic of it, and I made one for this spread that I am happy to share:

It should print out well at A4 size, if anyone wants to use it. The images are vintage, not drawn by me, for personal use only.
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WOW!! Awesome
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