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paradoxx's Avatar
Join Date: 25 Nov 2002
Location: US Wyoming, Mountain-Midwest
Posts: 2,276
Steps of Knowledge

I guess i would call this the steps of knowledge spread, hope it works for everyone.


*these cards are placed sideways and are red as the cards converge into the 6/7 position, 7 crosses the upright 6 sideways but is not really a part positions 8-11.

1-5 the progression of events that have led to today
1. In the beginning
2. the 1st obsticle
3. the first revelation
4. the 2nd obsticle
5. the 2nd revelation

6. main obsticle as of now
7. what can break or overcome that obsticle

8,9. What energies from the past are convergin
10, 11. What energies from the present are converging

12. What arises from the ashes of the past
13. what has been drawn from the past
14. what has been drawn for the future

15, 16. Cast in the name of God . . .

I just designed this spread and have excellent luck with the interpretations. The layout can be modified if it does not work for everyone, but the general messages will remain the same.

╩_╩ ≈_≈ ┘_┘ ^_^ ~_~ H_H _ ■_■ ◄_► ☼_☼
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Resident allien
Alex's Avatar
Join Date: 15 May 2002
Location: gone somewhere I can be myself
Posts: 2,268

Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing. Alex.

I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up.
Tom Lehrer
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paradoxx's Avatar
Join Date: 25 Nov 2002
Location: US Wyoming, Mountain-Midwest
Posts: 2,276

cards 12-16 can be placed in a semi circle with positions 13 and 14 at a 90 degree angle, 15 adn 16 at a 45 degree angle. this adds an asthetic feel to teh spread.

╩_╩ ≈_≈ ┘_┘ ^_^ ~_~ H_H _ ■_■ ◄_► ☼_☼
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wayward daughter
Simone's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Nov 2003
Location: Luxembourg
Posts: 8,112

Thanks for sharing, paradoxx!

(even if it is a spread with a lot of cards ), I think it's very interesting. I even have a situation to try it out on.

Light and love
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