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Karmic Spread by William Lammey

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Karmic Spread by William Lammey

Holmes mentioned this spread from William Lammey's Karmic Tarot just as I was pondering posting a thread about it, so I figure that meant I should go ahead with it!

This spread has a position representing each major arcana, so at 22 cards it is rather large. But the cards are positioned in overlapping columns, making it easier to read cards in groups.

The author includes the entire deck when reading this spread, but you can just use the majors like Holmes does in his own 22-card spread.

....4.........10............16.......22 ----- Spiritual Plane

.3....5....9....11....15....17....21 ----- Mental Plane

.2....6....8....12....14....18....20 ----- Emotional Plane

.1.......7..........13.............19 ----- Physical Plane

^....^....^....^.....^.....^.....^ \ Columns are
A.....B....C.....D.....E......F.....G / called "Stages"

So, 1-2-3 are Column A and 5-6 are a Column B, and 4 straddles the two and is thus part of both columns. In the same way, 7 would be a part of both Column B and the 8-9 Column C. (It's easier to see when you can draw boxes for the cards, like in the book!) 10 straddles C & D, 13 is in D & E, 16 is in E & F, 19 is in F & G, and 20-21-22 finish off Column G.

The stages are defined by Mr. Lammey as follows:

A - At Birth, the Karmic Contract
B - Early Childhood
C - Recent Past
D - Present
E - Near Future
F - Mid-Future
G - Long-Term Future

(Note: Lammey uses numbers to designate his columns, but I thought using letters made it easier to see here on the forum.)

What's nice about the reading (and the book) is that you can apply other prinicples to the spread positions. Basically, anything that can be broken down into 7 or 4 can be correlated with the Column or Row positions. Examples in the book include: Minor Arcana suits, colors, chakras, philosophies, and the "Seven Ages of Man" soliloquy from Shakespeare's "As You Like It"!

There is also more numerology involved in the spread, but I'm missing more than 20 pages from my book, so I don't know all of those!

I've used this spread a couple times for friends, and it really gives you a great picture of the individual's path. In fact, the 'Journey of the Hero' is one of the ways Lammey suggests reading this spread.

Hope you all find it useful!


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Re: Karmic Spread by William Lammey

Ohh, looks like fun! haha. I don't think it just has to be used with boyfriend-girlfriend or wife-husband relationships, right???

Anyway, I'm planing to do it today with my dad, I'll tell you later how was it =)

Thanks for sharing ^^

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Welcome to AT!

Having done it myself, I can tell you that this spread is about a person's own karma from other lives and its effect on the current life.

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Ooh! What a mistake, hahaha. I had a lot of tabs opened that night, I commented this one about another spread. But I copied several of them. This one was one of the biggest but seems interesting as well. Can't wait to try it =) Thanks for the answer!
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