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A 'Leap' Across The Abyss

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Cool A 'Leap' Across The Abyss

For those of you who own The Shining Tribe Tarot, and inspired by Rachel Pollack's 'special' spread on pages 297-298 A Leap Across The Abyss designed for this special day, February 29, in this leap year, I wanted to share this spread which she actually said is to be done on special leap years, i.e. 2000, 4000, 8000, etc....., but can be done anytime.

I don't know about you, but I am doing mine, today.
Here goes the spread:

1. Where do I start?

2. What is hidden?

3. Who helps me?

4. What do I fear?

5. what must I give up?

6. What must I take with me?

7. What will I experience?

8. What will I find?
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I have a special feeling about this leap year. There's magic in the air.

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Cool, this looks like a nice story spread, too, leap year or not.
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some clarification please

i tried this spread, i was looking for insight into a major life decision that will determine decisevely the nature of things to come.
most of the cards i drew were straight forward but in two places i got further confused.
for no 5 : what must i give up i drew the two of swords , the card of choice and balanced options.
for no 6 : what must i take with me i drew the eight of cups, the card of abandoning material things...
what does that mean? does that maen i'm supposed to take nothing with me or that i'm supposed to take everything?
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I tried this spread and it worked really well for me! Perfect for life's journeys. Thanks, BlueLotus!
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