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Join Date: 18 Mar 2002
Location: Toledo,OH
Posts: 84
Question REALLY Way off readings

Ive been reading for myself lately and the readings are SO far from reality that I dont know what to think.

To put it bluntly my readings should not be happy right now.

BUT, when I start flipping the cards, the readings come up like I hand picked the happiest cards possible out of the deck. No matter what layouts I use, they are just full of the Sun, 3 of cups, 10 of pentacles and cups, Empress, Wheel of Fourtune, Strength, Aces , 4 of wands etc... If it was just in the future or in a position representing me or the people around me I might understand, but they are all over. This is what a reading would look like for someone who had just achieved spiritual enlightenment, gotten a Doctorial degree, married Prince Charming and won the lotto all at once.

I have meditated and cleared myself and my decks. I really don't think that I am influencing anything. I've gone straight to book definitions so that im not "reading too much" into it emotionally.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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Old 19-03-2002     Top   #1
Join Date: 18 Mar 2002
Location: Toledo,OH
Posts: 84

sorry I think I may have posted this on the wrong forum... still feeling my way around...
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Old 19-03-2002     Top   #2
Fortune Teller
MeeWah's Avatar
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: Virginia, U.S.A.
Posts: 7,024

Pedaka: Welcome! Your topic is fine in this forum.
If you think you have properly prepared for your readings, then perhaps what you are seeing is wish fulfillment or the aspirations for the positive.
With the former, one can strongly influence the cards. In the latter, it may be that one is striving to accomplish those things in the life & those cards appear as encouragement. In addition, do not discount the current efforts in various endeavors. You may be progressing better than you would think & it may also apply to the efforts in understanding the cards. Understanding the basic meanings is a beginning.
Am assuming none of the cards have been reversed since you do not mention same. The cards may also be read as such even if they do not physically present as reversed, in which case they may express a delay or lesser energy.

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Old 19-03-2002     Top   #3
Join Date: 08 Mar 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 13

Out of curiosity what sort of questions are you asking when you do your readings? What is the focus of the reading?

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Old 20-03-2002     Top   #4
Malachite's Avatar
Join Date: 28 Oct 2001
Location: Durham, UK / Normandy, France
Posts: 629

Maybe they're showing you a solution....


~ Qui pingit florem
non pingit floris odorem~
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Old 20-03-2002     Top   #5
Join Date: 18 Mar 2002
Location: Toledo,OH
Posts: 84
answers and response

I have focused on the aspects of work, money, my realtionships, and whether or not I should move, in individual readings as well as doing internal motivation and meditative spreads and general "whats going on"
After I did the first one(finances) and it turned out "funny" I waited 2 days and did one on relationships instead, and it came out almost the same.
I've had readings come out telling me things that I should know, instead of relating to a focus that I tried to impose before. Those readings are usually much more "important" and more accurate. I'd assume that this was one of those cases, except the past positions are totally off base.

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Old 20-03-2002     Top   #6
Lion-O's Avatar
Join Date: 11 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 330

Well, time is really something which is hard to guess... I mean; are you sure it should happen within 2 days? When I first started out I simply let some issues go on for 2 - 4 weeks before actually looking back to the reading I've done.

And well; at the very beginning things didn't go perfectly for me as well. My best tip would be to simply give it some time. "if at first you don't succees".... Personally I think 2 days might be too short, give it some extra days...

With kind regards,

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Old 20-03-2002     Top   #7
Umbrae's Avatar
Join Date: 20 Mar 2002
Location: Upper Left-Coast, USA
Posts: 8,847
Cool Time, and what you see

…Ya know, if you ever go to Africa, you’d understand what I mean when I say…”Africa time”. Things move different.
Out here, we build freeways to get there fast. We know what’s gonna be where and when and by golly if’n it ain’t ya sure gonna hear ‘bout it!
Africa time.
Tarot time.
You cannot tell the cards, “When”.
Through use, you will learn their idea of when. Different decks sometimes take on different time lines, something you will have to get used to.
Also, perhaps the cards are telling you exactly what is going on…
It’s tough to be objective about your subjective life view.
See what you are looking at. Not what you expect to see.
Hope it helps...
Find a little are okay...
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Old 21-03-2002     Top   #8
Join Date: 18 Mar 2002
Location: Toledo,OH
Posts: 84

I wasnt saying that I expected the results to manifest in 2 days... I was saying that I tried a second resing with a different focus 2 days later to see if I was doing anything wrong or if it was a fluke.

Maybe Ill just give up on reading for myself until things "settle down" a bit in my life. Too many options in too many areas might be affecting me too much to get anything valid for myself.

Thanks for your help and opinions.
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Old 21-03-2002     Top   #9
Join Date: 06 Mar 2002
Posts: 23
would a reading help?


Would a reading help? I bet someone would be happy to do a reading for you to try and answer the question "why is Padeka having trouble understanding readings?" Or something like that-maybe an 'immediate future' 'the current year' 'distant future' reading, to orient you regarding time?
Or, 'what would help Padeka get back into focus?'

I don't know, just some ideas. I could try if you like, to help.

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Old 22-03-2002     Top   #10
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