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Lion-O's Avatar
Join Date: 11 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 330
How do you pick your cards?

Although I recall vague seeing a topic just like this sometime ago I can't help myself posting this anyway. Simply because I don't recall it and well; I can't help myself sharing yet another experience with you guys)

I've said it some times allready but when doing a reading with my Mage deck I tend to spread my cards in an arc shape, close my eyes and go over them untill I feel the urge to pick one. This has worked very good for me so after getting my Rider deck and getting used to it I was finally ready for a real reading (celtic cross, the "official" way, this means putting the cards 'down left up and right' of the cross itself, with the Mage deck I use 'down up right left' with the same meanings) but to my 'horror' it did not work at all. I shuffled the cards, mixed them and then I spread them in the arc shape. Went over them several times but simply no go what so ever.

So in the end I remembered my 'first' reading and the things the books told me about readings and used the method of shuffling, cutting and mixing and then simply taking of the top. Oddly enough this will not work with my Mage deck (tried it this evening) and even more oddly; in the end both decks give me the same result (in the overall) using their own seperate method. Odd indeed IMO but still interesting.

So here I am wondering; do you guys also use different ways to shuffle your different decks ? In fact; do you even do it "official" at all?

With kind regards,

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Original Destiny 
Original Destiny's Avatar
Join Date: 27 Nov 2001
Location: yorkshire wolds
Posts: 359

Hi Lion-o, In answer to your question I don't vary the method for different decks. I have stuck to MY own spreads...I don't think that there is an OFFICIAL way of using the cards its what is best for you. ..Obviously this is not a real help to you but try and experiment... freeflow...start with a few cards...then build up...You must have a RELAXED attitude ...let it flow...don't try to force...let it talk ...let the cards lead you!

I had a psychic girlfriend once but she left me before we met

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana
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Maan's Avatar
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: Netherlands
Posts: 2,423

Ho Lion O

I dont like picking the cards from the top either.
I'm not that good at shuffeling so to deal from the top makes me get the same cards over and over again!
So in answer to your question a "fan"( got that term from Diana's post) al my decks
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Lion-O's Avatar
Join Date: 11 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 330

Originally posted by Original Destiny Obviously this is not a real help to you but try and experiment... freeflow...start with a few cards...then build up...
Oh don't worry; it worked out perfectly in the end, I was just amazed that my 2 decks basicly 'require' 2 ways of picking the cards. But I'm not worried at all, just fascinated with it. Anyway; your reply is more helpfull then you think; like I said; I was curious and it helps satisfying it

With kind regards,

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Join Date: 01 Jan 2002
Posts: 8,204


Last edited by Diana; 26-03-2006 at 05:42.
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Fortune Teller
MeeWah's Avatar
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: Virginia, U.S.A.
Posts: 7,024

I tend to agree with Diana.
The basic meanings or the essence of the individual card remains the same, despite the design of the deck. Such concepts pertain to Cosmic Law which remains constant whether one chooses to believe or not. The design, however, is created by the artist's own vision & perceptions. Those influences would imbue a deck with its own personality, its own "magick" (which can subsequently be linked with one's own personality).
It explains how a deck may attract/appeal to different people on the basis of its artwork or images, yet not quite work for readings or for everyone. One can appreciate a picture without understanding or experiencing its actuality.
Generally, I prefer to use the same shuffle-until-the-deck-feels- tight-cut-3-times procedure on all of my reading decks. It has a proven track record, & I rarely feel the need to deviate, except on occasion.
Occasionally, I am moved to do one of 2 alternate methods after shuffling.
I fan the cards out with my left hand. Hold my left hand over the cards, moving from left to right slowly. I choose cards according to the tingling sensation or the warmth my hand feels from a card. Sometimes my hand will backtrack to the left.
Another approach is to look at the backs of the fanned cards, & to see which cards "calls".

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locsgirl's Avatar
Join Date: 03 Jan 2006
Location: U.K Kent
Posts: 17

I always used to draw cards from the top of the deck. One day a travelling Romany gypsy did a card reading for me. It intrigued me that she drew the cards from anywhere she chose to within the shuffled deck itself. I tried this method and have used it ever since.

I dont do a specific spread. My readings kind of free form. I ask the cards questions as I go along, so it seems more fitting for me to choose the cards from anywhere in the deck.

When doing readings for people, its quite common for the client to ask questions as they come into their mind. For that reason, a freeform reading seems to make more sense than a specific spread would.

For instance a client may suddenly ask "Does this man really care about me"

I would then mentally repeat that question and then draw 3 cards to give me an answer.

Does anybody else read this way?
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tieduptinkerbell's Avatar
Join Date: 30 Sep 2005
Location: alberta, canada
Posts: 506
I pick...

in a fan and from the top and from a mixed array and from the bottom...

I don't think there is a right way to pick...or to read...I think its a mix of what it is ...and what you are...and what you think...and where you are.

It totally depends on how I discern I should be picking for that particular reading...


"He who hears not the music, thinks the dancers mad!"
...attributed to RUMI...

~ peace ~
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powdermonkey's Avatar
Join Date: 27 Dec 2005
Location: Qld, Australia
Posts: 62

If I'm choosing one or three cards, i'll fan them out the way you described. But if I'm doing a spread of say, six or more, I'll shuffle them. I cut the deck a lot of times if i do this.. three doesn't seem enough, somehow. and then deal from the top.

i always shuffle through the deck three times. once holding it lengthways, once holding it sideways, and again lengthways. silly little habit, i think it came from me trying to find the most comfortable way to shuffle the largish cards!
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sharpchick's Avatar
Join Date: 27 Dec 2004
Location: Arkansas USA
Posts: 2,285

It will sound kind of hokey, I'm sure, but depending on the question, I shuffle, then cut in thirds (left to right for questions related to mundane things, right to left for questions of an emotional nature), restack starting with the middle pile in the same manner as I cut, then lay out from the top (which of course, consists of the cards on the top of the middle stack).

Does that sound as confusing as it looks typed?

"If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud." Emile Zola
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