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tmgrl2's Avatar
Join Date: 15 Feb 2004
Location: NY, US
Posts: 8,368
tmgrl's Four of Swords and Shield of Love Spread

In gratitude to everyone who helped tmgrl last week during a time of “trial” and uncertainty, she has gathered together the four swords and a Shield of Love
and created :

The Four Swords and The Shield of Love Spread

Since tmgrl is an initiate and feels honored that she has been welcomed into reading circles by this warm and loving community, she uses the persona, Page of Swords, for some of her readings because several times, that card has been drawn in readings for her here at Aeclectic.

My first acknowledgment goes to our very special, Diana, who told me EVERY sword needs a name...and so, it started....

Tmgrl wishes to acknowledge those who have named the swords she carries…
HappinessKeshet(Rainbow): The “main” sword to wield for big issues.

Nevada / Valiant: The mid-sized sword, carried aross my shoulder, akin to the minor cards in a reading…Valiant is my reminder to deal with the day-to-day things in my life …and in my work.

Lunalafey/Vera: For perse-vera-nce…always tucked in my belt to remind me that I must stay the course.

Imagemaker/ Slice: My hand-knife…tucked into my boot to remind me that often I shall need to slice away small layers to get to the root of a problem or to resolve an issue… every ready to pull for action that requires quick “peeling” of problems.

Ravenswing/ Shield of Love: Love that surrounds the Page to guide her toward a resolution of the matter.

Here is the spread: Tmgrl’s Page of Swords - Four Swords and the Shield of Love Spread: Please ask a question about “inner” and/or outer “battles” you are now facing…..

.................................... 4. Vera..............................

2.Valiant..................5. Shield of Love...........3. Slice.

........................... 1. Keshet..............................

Tmgrl plants each sword in its postion into the ground and settles into the middle of the circle with Her Shield of Love.

1. Keshet: Tell me, Keshet, what is the root of this problem. What lies beneath your blade that must be brought to the surface?

2. Valiant: Help me, Valiant, to tease out the day-to-day issues that need to be left behind in order to move forward toward peace and resolution?

3. Slice: Slice, speak to me of the layers that must be peeled away to restore balance and peace?

4. Vera: Vera, what qualities must be nourished throughout this ordeal in order to persevere until all is accomplished?

5. Shield of Love: What kinds of loving protection can you give us as we finish this journey through this “battle” of life?

Tmgrl welcomes feedback from Aeclectic members…when the spread is deemed “structured,” Tmgrl will don her Page’s tunic, sword-up, take her shield and head into a clearing to await the seekers.


For those who believe, no proof is necessary.

For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

................Edgar Cayce

Last edited by tmgrl2; 28-05-2004 at 10:30.
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Mimers's Avatar
Join Date: 27 Jan 2003
Location: NewYork, USA
Posts: 5,026

Wow, tmgrl. Your spread is great, and dedicating it to the ones that helped you name it is so special.

This is a great spread for self reflection. For finding hope during those difficult times. I will keep this one for the folks that come to me down in the dumps.

Thank you for sharing tmgrl. We all learn so much from each other here. We are all pages in some sense.


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miss_apples's Avatar
Join Date: 05 Nov 2003
Location: minnesota USA
Posts: 1,564

that is a really good and clear spread! I dont think it needs any improvement.

"Im just a soul who's intentions are good, Oh Lord please don't let me be Misunderstood" The Animals
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tmgrl2's Avatar
Join Date: 15 Feb 2004
Location: NY, US
Posts: 8,368

ty, Mimi and miss_apples! I am going to leave the spread posted for awhile...I had a really good feeling about it...and I got so much love when I posted in Chat...that keeping the four swords, and the names and the Shield of Love...seemed soo....


When a bit of time passes, I am going to offer some readings with it in the Reading Exchange....I am going to do one for myself first, maybe, with either my first Camoin-Jodo reading or with the Gilden Tarot when it comes....

No rush....

Been very busy here, and my husband looks like he's taking another cardiac first things first...7 more weeks of work and then I have's hard when I want to be with him..and right now have to be at work, too...but I'm still grateful for him and for my job....and for AT!! What a loving place this is ...


For those who believe, no proof is necessary.

For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

................Edgar Cayce
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tmgrl2's Avatar
Join Date: 15 Feb 2004
Location: NY, US
Posts: 8,368

I have been looking over my spread....and I just realized, I didn't give credit to the very special person who got me started down that path in the first place. Diana! Thank you, Diana. Remember, in your advice-for-the-week spread took a break and I said something about names for swords and you said that ...every sword needs a name...and so started me on the way to this. I know you are signed off,but I felt I wanted to edit my original post, give you credit, then add a post to bump

Thank you all....(tmgrl rushes off to ponder next two readings with the spread....soon...miss_appples, and smleite....I am reenergizing from TA's reading)


For those who believe, no proof is necessary.

For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

................Edgar Cayce
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starsongs's Avatar
Join Date: 25 Sep 2003
Location: Ohio, USA
Posts: 1,037
Thumbs up

What a wonderful spread, Terri...

Thanks for sharing it! I am going to try it and will let you know how it works out..


~ a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words ~
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tmgrl2's Avatar
Join Date: 15 Feb 2004
Location: NY, US
Posts: 8,368

I'm bumping this thread say thank you to firemaiden.

Tonight, I was feeling plagued by the Tarot Devils...the ones that lurk around whispering "You're a fake. Who do you think you are reading Tarot?! Why should anyone listen to you? What is Tarot anyhow?"

I went back to the first long reading done for me, by firemaiden.

When I created this Four of Swords spread, it was all on the impetus of what arose from the Dream Circle. Somewhere, however, firemaiden's reading was probably at the very root of this spread.

The title of her first reading for me was "The Sword in the Stone for tmgrl2."

I was one month into Tarot and stuck.

This long, lovely moving reading of firemaiden's gave me the courage to continue with Tarot when I was ready to throw up my hands and say, "I'm too old to start this!"

The sword in her reading stood for the unapproachable Emperor.
(I was stuck on the Empress in my study).

The sword was a trial I needed to face to get to the next level.
The stone was the foundation that I had already built and would like to rise up from, and the creatures in its side represented the aspects of me that long to be freed.

The reading was long and hit every sore truth about myself.
It was a nine-card reading and the last card was to answer the question:

What magic will help me unleash the sword out of its scabbard of rock? FM drew....The Four of Swords.

So, fm, there are no accidents. This was my first connection to four be tucked away and forgotten, then resurrected as four swords named to be guides along with a Shield of Love.

Thank you, firemaiden, for keeping my Tarot fires burning and my Reading swords sharpened. Also, thank you for reminding me there are times I must as you said:

...put a lid on that disapproving inner professor, embrace the beautiful empress, center yourself and let the trials of the world all spin awy, brush the moondust out of your eyes, focus far out, and deep in, and I think you will find, as Kafka said.....the world will come rolling in at your feet.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary.

For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

................Edgar Cayce
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