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Niomi's Avatar
Niomi  Niomi is offline
Join Date: 15 Feb 2004
Location: USA
Posts: 79

I'm certainly looking forward to the Adflatus tarot, which, unfortunately, won't be here for another year.


I love the priority of reversed images in this deck! I'm not much for collecting decks (I only have one that I use, one that I compare with, and one that I bought when I was an UBER newbie and didn't know better) but I know I must get this one when it comes out.

I'm surprised that the star, which is usually my favorite card, isn't my favorite this deck. I love the devil's portrayal here.
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yve's Avatar
yve  yve is offline
Join Date: 06 Dec 2003
Location: Canada
Posts: 510

Stunning cards, and yes, i've never seen such a wonderful way to include reversals! I'm glad you posted the link to these!
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Imagemaker's Avatar
Imagemaker  Imagemaker is offline
Join Date: 15 Dec 2003
Location: NH, USA
Posts: 4,019

These are beautiful and the reversals are unique!
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Silverlotus's Avatar
Silverlotus  Silverlotus is offline
Join Date: 31 Oct 2002
Location: Vaughan, ON, Canada
Posts: 991

Wow! I am impressed by the idea of two images used to indicated reversals in this deck. This is one I would probably consider, but I would have to see it in person first.
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Woof's Avatar
Woof  Woof is offline
Join Date: 09 Oct 2002
Location: SD, CA
Posts: 936

It's a nice deck but couldn't they have thought of a better name?
I did a double take and looked up "flatus" in the old Merrium-Webster.
Sorry hope this doesn't offend.
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Cerulean's Avatar
Cerulean  Cerulean is offline
Join Date: 26 Apr 2002
Location: Calif., USA
Posts: 9,341
Gorgeous minors...very different

Thanks for the link.

I'd enjoy a different name as well, but that's the artist's choice...

Cerulean Mari
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Laura Borealis's Avatar
Laura Borealis  Laura Borealis is offline
pirate borealis
Join Date: 23 Feb 2004
Location: Georgia, USA
Posts: 17,790
Laura Borealis 

He says the name means "inspiration" or "breath" in Latin.

This is truly a stunning deck. I'm glad there are prints for sale; I want one of the Moon.
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Nycelle's Avatar
Nycelle  Nycelle is offline
Join Date: 25 Nov 2003
Location: Ireland, Europe
Posts: 133

Any idea when it will be available to buy? It is a lovely deck.
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Black*Cat's Avatar
Black*Cat  Black*Cat is offline
Join Date: 22 Mar 2004
Location: curled up on the couch ...
Posts: 177

Niomi - thanks for the link. What a lovely deck, the colours are georgeous & the reversals very interesting.

I'm with you about the Moon laura - very beautiful.

Nycelle - it seems like Llewellyn will be bringing it out in May 2005, certainly one I will be keeping an eye out for.

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mercenary30's Avatar
mercenary30  mercenary30 is offline
Join Date: 19 Aug 2003
Location: MIles Under the SurfAce
Posts: 3,963
Sweet deck!

Now I have ANOTHER deck to add to my want list........
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