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Join Date: 13 May 2004
Location: The ancient and cursed isle of Lodoss
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Talking The Juggler's Corundum

'K, here is my two of pentacles spread, which was born in prealgebra class (while i should have been taking notes on slope intercept form), based on the two of pentacles

[5] [6]

[3] [1] [9] [2] [4]

[7] [8]
1 and 2) The Pentacles- Provides an overview of your problem

3 and 4) The Juggler's Hands- 3 is Left (subconcious) and 4 is right (concious)- 0verview of your thoughts on the problem

5 and 6) The Storm- Overview of cause, background of problem, or possible distractions

7 and 8) The Ground the Juggler stands on- What is keeping you sane, or "grounded"

9) The Lemniscate- Shows a way to find balance, or a possible solution to your problem

Give me your thoughts on this spread!!!!!!!!

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness- Mother Teresa

"As long as you keep moving forward, you will always find light"-
Deedlit, Record of Lodoss War
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Join Date: 29 Mar 2003
Location: Water Cup Desert
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Hi deedlit420,

I tried this spread and I like it a lot, it is just right for this point in my life. I did change the meanings a tad, though, as I don't really have a "problem" per se, but am working on maintaining equalibrium in my current situation (for instance I drew Temperance for my main daily card today). It gave me a great overview of what tends to throw me off balance, what I focus too much on, and brought to light eneregies both negative and helpful that I was not aware of. So my slight modification went like this:

Cards 1 and 2: two main energies that I am trying to balance.

Cards 5 and 6: the skyline (could be cloudy or bright). In this case, these were very positive cards, which I took to mean that there was more positive energy available to me externally than I had been aware of.

Very nice spread. Thanks for sharing it:-)

Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. Alice Walker
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