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3 Card Dream Spread

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3 Card Dream Spread


1. What was the primary emotion behind the dream?

2. What was the dream trying to tell me?

3. How did this dream relate to a past life?

I can just feel the absence of talent in this one

If you have any sugggestions on making it better, or criticism on how bad it is, feel free to respond
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It's a start, which is always a good thing

Position 1 doesn't make sense to me. If you remember a dream, you usually remember the primary emotion of it (often the strongest memory). So I'd make position 1 something else completely.

2 is useful, perhaps not in this position.

3--usually dreams are about processing what's going on in this life, with messages for raising your awareness about choices or understandings. If you want to do a reading on past life effects in a dream, I'd change the whole focus of the spread.

Otherwise I'd make 3 be something about what you can best use from the dream for waking growth.

Random thoughts
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I would agree with Imagemaker and keep position 2 the way it is but change positions 1 and 3. 1 seems unnecessary, and 3 misleading because not all dreams are connected with past lives. Here's what I'd do with it:

1. How does this dream connect with events from my life?

2. What was the dream trying to tell me?

3. How can I use this dream in my life?

I don't think the position meanings are worded quite right, but I can't think of a better way right now. These meanings sort of turn it into a past/present/future spread - position 1 shows how the dream was influenced by past events and also what it might be trying to say about past events, position 2 talks about the dream itself, and position 3 asks how you can use the wisdom of the dream in your future.

But this might not have been what you were looking for in the spread at all. Still, I hope this was at least somewhat helpful.
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Thank you for this spread. I used it for my friend Angela and she thanked me mondo for it. <3
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dream on

i agree that the past life connection is not usually the dream interpreter focuses on.i have been teaching dreams for a few years,i would recommend the following.
1.What part of me is mirrowed by the persons and things/symbols in the dream.(The first rule of dream interpretation is "you are everything and everything is you.
2.What is the dream telling me(dreams are the language of the soul)
3.What do i need to do to fulfill /honour the dream.(for instance ,if the dream is a health warning,what action do i need to do to change.exercise ,diet ,reduce alcahol etc.
If the dream is showing you been creative, for instance painting a landscape,and you dont paint,buy some paints and honour the dream,see how you feel.
use the tarots to get further information, to get a handle on the dreams,the dreams talk in symbols and the tarots compliment them.
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