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The Quest Tarot - The Lovers

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The Quest Tarot - The Lovers

On the top of the card, I see both the male & female symbols merging with themselves & with the other ones. That indicates any balance or relationships between either males or females or between a male and a female.
This is a card of both balance and merging. Only by merging with both the light and dark sides of us the balance can be attained.
I see a man and a woman in the centre of the card in each others arms. I can see the fire of desire in them to merge into each other. Well, as human beings we always want to merge with someone else to become complete. We never feel complete and adequate within ourselves, always looking for that perfect partner or soulmate.

I see the sword on side of the lovers & cup on the other side of them. This can represent the head and the heart of human beings.

I also see the yin/yang symbol & another symbol here.

This card is loaded with symbolisms for integration, merging, balance and passion.
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There is a cloud floating in the shape of a heart on top of the lovers.
There are some male and female symbols locked within each other.
The lovers are embracing each other with full passion.
There is a rose in a cup on one side of the lovers and a sword in the other side.
There are a pair of rings merged together. They are looking bright and energetic.
There are some glittering things on the earth.
Do anyone know what these are?
There are few more roses in the card at the bottom.
There are a couple of statues behind the roses.
I see energy, passion & combining with each other in this card.
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Love to love ya ...

So much energy is expressed through this card. The energy of combining, the energy of passion, the energy of unity.

- The two embracing figures appear somewhat androgynous, fitting the theme of the joinging of two forces without focusing on gender.

- The shoulder areas of the two figures also form the vague shape of a closed hand -- as though they're being held together by an unseen force.

- The lights on the ground form the Tree of Life. The book that came with the deck does not say what these things are that are giving off the light. They almost look like tiny cones of incense!

- The cup and the sword show that both feeling and knowing are coming to bear.

- The point of unity on the two rings shines the brightest.

- One thing that is not well explored in this card is the traditional meaning of choice. The lovers in this card have clearly made a choice. So many other lovers have a choice of head or heart, fashion or comfort, etc. Since the lovers are in sort of a "molten" state, perhaps their choice lies ahead: cool and forge strength, or let passion rise again, to melt and destroy what was started.
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