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Journey Spread

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Join Date: 03 Mar 2004
Location: Virginia, USA
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Journey Spread

I invented this spread after a friend asked me to do a reading for her regarding a trip she's about to take. I have a rather limited knowledge of spreads, so I decided to create one. This is the spread:


1: The beginning of the trip

2: The reason or circumstances behind it

3: The happenings or events during the trip

4: The effect of the trip on your life

5: The return

6: The end of the trip

7: The significator card, telling the overall mood of the trip

I did this spread for my friend, and she was pretty satisfied with it, but since she's yet to go on her trip, we don't know how acurate it was. I thought I'd share this and get your opinions on it.
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13thFaeChylde  13thFaeChylde is offline
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Oh boy, will I ever have fun with this
I'm planning a HUGE trip for later this year.
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Flavio  Flavio is offline
Join Date: 20 Apr 2004
Location: Mexico City
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Hello Esther!

I liked the spread and think it will be helpful if one position is changed or another advise card added to include "what to take care during the trip" this can be anything from forgotten toothbrush to food poisoning or alcohol abuse.

Sorry if that sounds pesimistic for me, the more precaution the better, I do a lot of business trips and two trips even to same place are never equal.

Maybe your position 3 is covering that item, please let us know.
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Esther  Esther is offline
Join Date: 03 Mar 2004
Location: Virginia, USA
Posts: 165

Thanks for the tip, Flavio. I've actually had trouble with the third card, because I'm not even sure myself what exactly it covers. It's supposed to signify the actual happenings, but it seems vague to me. I might make the reading into a nine card reading. I prefer to work with odd numbers.
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It's like you read my mind or something.
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Join Date: 20 Feb 2006
Location: Germany
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Thumbs up That is a nice idea

Very nice idea indeed.
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Join Date: 08 May 2006
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Thumbs up Awesome spread/ Here's an idea of how it worked for me

Thanks for the spread! It seems to work well. I needed to make a decision whether or not to return to California (my home) or to stay with family during the summer. I felt pretty uneasy as I weighed my option. Basicly, it was the perfect time to try this spread out! The reading will be posted so you can understand how it worked out. ^_^

Before we get to the reading, here's the quickie critique. It's an awesome spread, but it did seem a little lacking. I wanted to know if there were any warnings to heed for this trip, so a "warning" position was added.

"spirt guide #1" and "spirit guide #2" positions were also added since I could use their perspective on the situation. This number of "spirit guide" position could change according to the individual or the idea could be subtracted from the spread completely.

Oh yeah... I also arranged the spread in a circle on top of a map of the area in question (Los Angeles). It was just done for meditational purposes.






1) Beginning of the trip

2) The real reason behind the trip

3) Events of the trip (Overall) -- Please note that I understood this as "Will the trip go as planned? Should I expect something unexpected?"

4) Effect of the trip on my life (or chart-- for the astrology buffs out there)

5) Return trip (traveling home) -- I understood it as "Will the return trip be uneventful or will something unexpected happen?"

6) End of trip

7) Spirit guide #1's advice/perspective

8) Spirit guide #2's advice/perspective

9) WARNING -- What dangers lie ahead? What can I do to prevent/stop the danger?

10) Significator (outcome of trip/overall mood)


[reading removed by moderator - please refer to guidelines at the top of this forum]
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EnglishRose  EnglishRose is offline
Join Date: 27 Feb 2006
Location: West Sussex, UK
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Very nice spread, i'll try this out later. Thanks for posting.
All the best,
Sophie xx
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