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moving spread & my example

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Lightbulb moving spread & my example

i penned up a new spread to fit what i am going through right now. in a little over 5 months i will be moving away for the 1st time ever in my life. this is a huge move for me (2500kms away from home, roots and familiarity), im 19, and scared to excitement.
anyways, my new spread is called ...uhhh.. "Moving Spread" i guess..
it looks like:


(supposed to be an "M")
The card's meanings are:
1-what has influenced your decision to move?
2-what have you learned so far? (i believe that you learn and recieve things from the experiences of living anywhere, this one means what u have learned up to this date..)
3-doubts & wishes before the move
4-what you need to learn/accept
5-how you accept this new move (how the actual move itself goes)
6-what you begin to see
7-hopes & fears after the move
8- lessons being learned
9- what you will recieve from this new home
i have set up the cards so that they can be read in different ways. you can read them 1 thru 9, representing the sequence of the decision to move, events up till the move, the move, settling in, and the lessons this new place gives you.
another way to look at it is by rows. the first row of 2 cards (3&7)deal with the hopes/wishes/fears/doubts concering the move, like before the move.. into the unknown, and then after you have moved, that little scared feeling and maybe a bit of regret..
the second row of 4 cards (2,4,6,8) represent the lessons and what shapes your move and how you feel. like i said before, i believe we learn lessons from the different places we live and i see a move as a new journey into a new, exciting time. much like the fool, on his way to the world.
lastly, the third row of 3 cards (1,5,7) is like the skeleton of the spread. it's like the Past (decision of the move), present (the move), and future (what the new place teaches you).
i have completed a sample of this using my own situation, and i was quite pleased with the results.

card 1-8 pent R: the place i live has no opportunities. i have lived in a small town my entire life and i have seen my friends leave off to colleges, to pursue what teachers and parents think they should be doing. i didn't want to do that so i stayed behind and started making some money. i decided i have to get out of here before i end up doing some kinda routined boring job that i would live to regret. i still am not sure what i want to do in the long run, but for now i know i have to get outta here and motivate myself with a new setting.

card 2- 4 wands: I am so far pretty happy with my life. i am a learner for life, and i am always looking for things to experience and learn. im out to explore and search the world, because for now my life isn't done yet till i have done all i want to do.

card 3- 4cups R: My wishes for my new hometown (Vancouver) is that it awakens a new sense in me, that i rediscover passions for art again. living in a city will offer me so many opportunities, culture and people as opposed to living in a boring monotoned Muskoka.

card 4- emperor:I will be on my own away from my family for the first time ever, so i am going to have to buckle down and take care of my self and home. set my own rules and be responsible, because i am in charge of me now.

card 5- 5 Swords R:Im working for very hard for this, and im terriblely arien and stubbornly set on this. i know this move is right for me, while some people are bashing my idea of getting up and going 2500kms away to "find my self".

card 6-lovers: I can't wait to meet new people, and not neccessarily a romantic lover, but people who are different from my friends here in muskoka that i can learn from. this city was amazing when i visited and it's got such a nice laid back happy go lucky vibe. it seems that people are passionate for what they do there, and i want to live a life like that.

card 7- 10 pent: Of course i am going to hope for the best with my finances while out there. this will be the 1st time ever that i am really supporting just my self. i will be paying rent, buying groceries and paying bills. i am saving up for this move, and my budget to save up is going so well, that i am almost certain to the T, thats i am going to be fine out there.

card 8- 10 swords: I am going out there to learn about my self, and to be independent. this town i live in, is a place where you know everybody and everybody becomes pretty much what their friends do, or their parents. it's very boring and predictable here. i hope that living in Vancouver is going to make me see differently, that i CAN and WILL be different and theres more to life then making "muskoka chairs" and well... yah.

card 9- 3 wands: I hope that this move will in fact, like this card says, lead me to a discovery of who i am. i really cant wait to move, and i know this is going to change me, for the better i can be.. strength wise and motivation.

i would LOVE feedback..
thank yah for reading my babble

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Thanks for posting this, it looks spiffy.

I hope to be moving relatively soon (in about a year), and while the move isn't that big (Northern California to Southern California), I will have just turned 17 and be without parents or guardians. So. This should be useful, thanks!
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Thumbs up definitely a very insightful spread!

I just did this spread on myself, and WOW did it have eerily accurate results. I loved it so much that I made a spread sheet for you. Hope you like it! =)
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Well, I don't know if you have found a place yet or if you are still looking, but I made a spread for that part of the move that you could find interesting: Potential of happiness of an apartment. I found it quite helpful when my landlord kicked me out to put his daughter in my place to find a new place to live in, it gave me an idea of what type of apartment and landlord I'd get, and other vital details about apartments. I hope you like it and that it helps you.


I did not realize the first post was made in 2004.
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