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The Election/Candidate spread

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The Election/Candidate spread

With the U.S.A's presidential election rapidly approaching, I'd been thinking... How could the Tarot help me with this decision? In many of our elections these days, it is difficult to make up our minds. And, as was once said (I believe it was Will Rogers) "if a man wants to be president, he probably shouldn't be elected." (Or words to that effect... )

Anyway, here's a spread I thought might help some of us out. I do know that some folks will possibly think it isn't quite right or ethical to do a Tarot reading on a person who doesn't want us to know about them. However, these are very public figures... and they want us to believe the things they're telling us and put them into a position of great power over the American people. I figure, that kind of gives me the right to do what it takes to find out what I need to know about them. Actual opinions may vary.


1 & 6 - Their positive qualities.
2 & 7 - Their negative qualities.
3 & 8 - Their personal motivations for running for office.
4 & 9 - What is being hidden.
5 & 10 - If elected what might become of it (what might characterize their time in office)?

Before shuffling and dealing the cards, one would set in one's mind, which person would be under "A" and which would be under "B".

Thought I'd throw this out there and see what y'all thought. I haven't tried this yet... was going to wait to see what others thought...

[Edit;] If you have a given election with more than 2 candidates, you can simply add another line of 5 cards for the third candidate.
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