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World Spirit Study Group Temperance (14)

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Seed Crystal 
World Spirit Study Group Temperance (14)

A colorful angel pours a mysterious flame colored liquid between two chalices/cups. The liquid forms spirals between them. Flames crown the blue angels head, who pauses one foot firmly on the earth, another immerced in flowing waters. His position overall is not static, his long loin cloth is in motion; perhaps this is a deliberate dance. On the banks, bearded lilies grow. In the background, a verdant plain, mountains, and purplish sky of morning or evening. There's a small spiraled full moon over the angel's right shoulder.

Dynamic harmony.
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Another blue figure. Yep, I'm beginning to see the thread as Sulis suggested. Maybe the blue means peace, balance, etc.
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I just posted in another thread (here - why Temperance is my favorite World Spirit card - it's all about the lava.
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From my journal

This has got to be one of the most dynamic Temperance cards I've seen.

A beautiful blue angel with wings of many colours and a flaming head-dress stands on what looks like the bank of a river.
One foot is in the water whilst the other is on dry land.
He holds 2 golden goblets and a stream of liquid joins them and flows from one to the other. The liquid appears to be red and gold.
The angel seems completely focused on what he's doing.
On the river bank irises bloom and in the background we can see mountains.

This is a card about alchemy.
It's about mixing two completely separate substances together to come up with something new.
To get the result you desire, the balance has to be exactly right and you have to know what you're doing too... There is no chance with this card, the angel concentrates on his goal, he knows what he wants and is determined to find out how to get there.
This card then also advocates a goal oriented yet trial and error approach.. It tells you to keep trying until you get the balance right.
The irises link the angel to Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow who was a little like a female Hermes, messenger to the Gods.
Irises then are about communication and so that is also one of the meanings of Temperance.
Temperance is a virtue, it speaks of balance and moderation.

Originally Posted by AndreaM from the thread she linked to
So I see this card as the careful harnessing of creativity, having the practical skills to turn creativity into a viable project (i.e. marketing skills, or perseverance to finish a creative project that stems from a good idea, following through that spark of an idea to fruition). Also, being able to balance a creative personality with common sense. But I think I have a tendency to ignore the original meaning behind the card title - Temperance, meaning virtue and moderation. The lava makes me want to be immoderate.
AndreaM I love what you've written here especially the bit about harnessing creativity and having the practical skills to turn creativity into a viable project.
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