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The Map Of Your Life Spread

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The Map Of Your Life Spread

My friend asked me to do a reading for her on how to cope with having too much to do in too little time, and I came up with this spread. I was suprised how well it worked, so I thought it would be worth sharing!

The first thing you have to do is to make a list of all the areas of your life that you want/need to give time too.

For example;
1. Relationship
2. Work
3. Study
4. Health
5. Friends
6. Family
7. Something new

The list will be a personal one, because everyone's life is different. When we did this spread, we included as the last item on the list a card for "something new/what's missing" to represent things that my friend wasn't yet aware of, but would be good to bring into her life. It can be as long or short a list as you like, but 8 cards is probably a good upper limit to work with.

Then you choose a significator. It dosn't have to be a card, it could be a crystal or anything that represents you.

Then you lay the cards out like this:


You put the Significator in the centre, and then the cards that you have chosen all around it in a circle. Except, lay the cards so that they all point inwards towards the significator. Think of it as a flower; the signifcator is the centre of the flower, and the cards are like the petals. (So, 2 would look upright, 6 would look reversed (but isn't!!), 8 and 4 would be on their sides etc.)

It dosn't matter which order they get laid out in, as long as you remember which card represents which item from the list.

Each of the cards tell you about how that area of your life is going and gives guidance.

But its intresting to read it in a very free way, looking at the dynamics going on between the cards, rather than just the individual cards themselves. Eg; which cards clash or seem harmonious, which areas of life are represented by the the majors, which areas are going well and which are not... etc.

I really enjoyed reading from this spread. It felt like we had taken my friends life and physically put it on the table!! We talked for ages about how each part inter-related, finding depths of meaning within it for how she approached life in general.

Anyway, this one worked! So I'm sharing
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I'm gonna try this.
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I'm going to make a note of this spread too. I've been feeling overwhelmed by all the different aspects of my life and can't quite get on top of things and I was thinking about doing a reading on that but I hadn't got round to finding a spread yet. This sounds like it would do the trick though

Thank you for posting it CharmingPixie, I'll try and give it a go later this week!

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