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Kyrielle's Rhythmic Focus Shuffle

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Kyrielle's Rhythmic Focus Shuffle

I saw the thread on riffle shuffling, and thought I would share my special way of shuffling the cards. It's time-consuming, but it really mixes the cards well.

It grew out of a concern that the cards were not being mixed thoroughly enough between readings. I can't riffle shuffle poker-style, so this is a slow-motion riffle which does not bend the edges of the cards.

1. Divide the deck into two fairly equal piles.

2. Place the top card from Pile 1 on the table to begin a third pile. Stack the top card from Pile 2 on top of the third pile so it overlaps the card from Pile 1. It's a bit like building a brick wall.

3. Repeat the pattern until all cards are stacked in the overlapping pile. If the first two piles were uneven, split the remainder of the deck and continue.

4. Turn the complete pile on its side and tap the deck until the cards shift into an even pile. You're ready to either repeat the shuffle or read the cards.

I'm not sure if this is clear enough. Think slow motion riffle. The rhythm you get into when placing card atop card reminds me of counting the sticks in the I Ching. It's a good space of time to focus and form your concept or question.

Anyone want to try and see how it works for you?

-- Kyrielle
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what a mix!!

I can see what you mean by time consuming, yet taking the time and handleing the cards is part of the reading preperation, this would give plenty of time for focus. Another thing to try, pick a number, favorite, numerology based of what ever and "deal" out that number of piles that number of times. If you use reversals, turn a stack or two around when you put them together for the next deal. I am adept at shuffling(grew up in a card playing family) but dispite my ability, I still use these methods when the feeling calls me.
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shuffling machine

Hi all,
I use to have a card shuffling machine! It was really nice but it couldn't shuffle tall decks. It was a simple kind of a machine. You divided the deck into two stacks and set each stack in a tray on each side of the machine. It was battery operated and when you pressed the button, rubber wheels started turning and the wheels pushed the top card of each stack into a middle section, sort of like riffling except the timing was set just right so the cards fell from one side just a fraction of a second before the other side. The only problems were that the case was made of cheap plastic and the thing was noisy.
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Sounds like this would work out well for larger decks. I have the Rohrig Tarot, and the big cards are a pain in the neck.

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I use this shuffling method to shuffle my Healing with Angels/Fairies decks since there's only 44 cards in each deck so they don't take as long to shuffle.

I use the mixing up/spreading them all around on the bed to shuffle larger decks like the Rohrig and the Enchanted tarot.
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I think there is much to be learned from number. I try to focus on the person, and after they have riffled the cards around the table and touched them all, I put them all together randomly so I can actually shuffle them. I always seem to see a number in my mind that coresponds with the inquirer and I shuffle them (like playing cards) that many times.

I always have the inquirer cut the deck three times left handed...pile the third cut on the first and the second on top...that is just my ritual. the way...I addressed the idea of cleansing cards...I always cleanse the deck after reading for someone else. Its only if I am reading just for myself that I only cleanse once a month.

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