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Getting tired of the Celtic Cross

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Getting tired of the Celtic Cross

The title of the thread says it all. I use the Celtic Cross a lot for insight into situations. I would really like some new spreads that are kind of along the lines of Celtic Cross -- that offer a comprehensive overview of the energies swirling around an issue and give advice on how to deal with them. I have a couple of spread books, but I'm still looking for more spreads that really click with me.

Wings of the Phoenix is a great spread of this type, too. That's what got me to start this thread -- the desire to see my cards laid out in a few more different ways, with a few more different meanings.

-- Kyrielle
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I am not more not in a mood to do a cc than I am willing to use others. I use cc alot more than I'd rather because of the familiarity with it. But in 12 years of reading I only learned about 4 years ago. I have begun to use the Astrological/zodiac spread more in the last few weeks....
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Well, as you say you have spread books I sincerely doubt I have anything you've not seen before but perhaps you may like to check out this spread

And the sight that it is on.

Also my suggestion is to take the ideas that you want presented in the spread and position them yourself in a way that is meaningful to you.

This way you will have a spread with all of the positions that you require, and they well be laid out in a manner so that their relationship makes sense to you.

Personally I like the idea of Amanda's fan (above) but think the cards are laid out wrong.
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I have seen LOADS of great spreads right here on the forum, so why don't you hit the Search-button and go hunting around AT - I'm sure you will come up with some goodies! Phonix's "Wings of the Phoenix"-spread is one that is really good, as is Jema's Love spread, just to mention two of them...

If that still doesn't work out for you - why don't you create your own? Figure out what you need to know to build an image of your situation, and play a bit with the positions until you find one that feels right!

Just don't forget to post it for the rest of us to learn...

Good luck!
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the hermit 

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I've pretty much given up the CC too because I also see it as being excessively complicated for my needs.

The 2 spreads that I use most often now are a simple 3 card past, present, future that can be easily modified... such as for persons... you, he/she, you & he/she or for issues... problem, blockage, solution(s)
And adding the ability to draw additional cards as needed for clarification.

The other spread I use for directly exploring problems is listed in the following thread...
four sets of two

and as Jenny-Li noted, there are tons of other spreads discussed here on the forum.

I also agree that few cards are often more useful than many cards.
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the secret of the high priestess


this spread is given by Hajo Banzhaf in his book 'the tarot handbook' as "an alternative to the celtic cross":

4 3 5

6 1-2 7



***note: 3, 1-2, 9 and eight should form a straight line ***


1-2 the cross on her chest shows the topic in the form of two main impulses (this is it. this crosses it.)

3-4-5 the cards of the three moon phases of her crown show the powers influencing the topic:

3-- the full moon is present influence

4-- the waxing moon is gaining influence

5-- the waning moon is loosing influence

6-7 the two columns:

6-- what is in the dark

7-- what is in the light

8-- where the journey leads

turn over the 9th card. if it is one of the majors, the HP has revealed her secret. this card tell about deeper motivation,the why and what for. if it is a minor, conceal it again; the HP has kept her secret to herself and the ninth card has no bearing to the reading.

sounds like what you might be looking for.

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Ravenswing, I just wanted to say what a neat spread that is! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'll have to give it a try. Now I'm also really intrigued by the Banzhaf books.

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I am not, and never have been a fan of the CC. I do not think it is a good begginer's spread due to the amount of cards (talk about challenging one's confidence from the get go!) ... anyway no need to get carried away with whay I do not like about the CC. I personally prefer the 3 card spreads, where as pointed out by the Hermit (I believe) you can get clarification.

For those who like but are having issues with the CC, I found the book Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer to be most helpful in the learning of it. She has a section called "Permutations" which I found fascinating and it is where the CC finally made sense to me.

A book that has some neat spreads is Sandor Conraad's book ... Thirteen help me out here, what is the name of the book?
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jewel, don't even remember me of the cc spread in the tarot for yourself book. i had huge problems doing it coz of my dislike of the cc spread, i ended up doing it for a friends mom with a deck of regular playing cards. turned out to be highly accurate 2 months later.
but, after that, i have not ever used this spread again and i dont intend to.........

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Here is my favorite spread:


1 & 2-subject in the present
3- challenge/opportunity
4-passing influence
5- heart of the matter/main influence on subject
6- hidden/unrecognized
7- advice

I usually read 1, 2 & 5 together, then 4 to see what influenced the present situation

3, 6 & 7 usually go together, what is hidden, the challenge/opportunity and the advice about what to do about the other two.

Sometimes, 1, 5 & 6 go together and 2, 3 and 7 go together.

I find it a very dynamic spread where the cards can really relate to each other, especially if you have a deck that has people on all the cards. The way they look at or away from each other adds meaning.

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