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How do you pick extra cards?

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How do you pick extra cards?

If you want extra cards for clarification after you've done a spread, how do you pick them?
I suppose that if you fan out the cards, you pick another card from the fan.
But if you deal from a pile, do you simply take the next card from the top of the pile or do you shuffle again?
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I think there were threads on this..anyway..sometimes i shuffle sometimes i take off the top..depends on what is going on in me..
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We (a friend & I) tried drawing two extra cards for a reading once--she pulled one off the top & it was the Knight of Pentacles, said 'oops, I should shuffle' and did about 2 minutes of shuffling then drew a card.........the Knight of Pentacles. Hmm. It's quite likely that you can just pull off the top for any extra cards you need to clarify.

OR you can take the bottom card, shuffle, fan or do whatever your instinct says to do. It's not a hard science.
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If I need to choose a clarifying card, I usually just look off the bottom of the deck. Otherwise, I just choose the next one of the top. I have also been known to cut the deck.
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i just flip the top cards of the deck if i need clarifiers.
usually i take 3 of them to tell a little story about the card i have troubles with.

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Most of the time I just take the extra cards off the top of the deck but I do sometimes shuffle again and take the cards that way. Also instead of a clarifier after a reading I'll do a 3 card mind, body, spirit spread using all of the cards.
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You know what? Often a card flashes or even drops from the deck as I'm shuffling. I make a mental note of it and use that card to clarify things in the reading. If a client needs clarification, I fan the deck and have them choose three cards.

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when i do a reading for someone ( which is ususally on computer) i always fan and pick out of that. if i need a clarifying card i fan again. sometimes after i've picked the # of cards, another will be looking at me going "please?!" and so i'll put it aside to see if i need it later.

i think you can do it any of the ways described here.
i just like to ask which one is needed or helpful and then see where i end up.

great question, i hope lots more people respond to this.
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I usually leave the fan open so the querent can choose the clarifier cards but sometimes I just take the next three cards from the stack.
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i take from the top without shuffling. i take time to verbalize the question (eg. "what's a good way to respond to this 8swords energy?") before drawing.

sometimes the reading leads to an entirely new question for which i need an entirely new spread. in those cases, i'll re-shuffle.
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