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the celtic spread

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tony bandera  tony bandera is offline
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tony bandera 
the celtic spread

I am new to tarot and would appreciate some advice on the celtic spread. I have bought 3 different books with 3 different versions of the spread. Is the following version ok - i would appreciate some advice. 5 & 6 are critical and i am not sure if i have them in the right order. Do i follow my intuition?
1. significator
2. obstacles
3. your aim
4. basis
5. near future
6. may be past
7. attitude
8. influences
9. hopes and fears
10. outcome
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Lee  Lee is offline
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Hi tony, welcome to Aeclectic!

There are many variations of the Celtic Cross out there -- probably every Tarot author who writes a book which includes it also modifies it in some way. Likewise, readers frequently make up their own spreads or modify existing spreads like the Celtic Cross. There isn't really any "one way" to do it. The version you have listed sounds perfectly fine to me. If you're interested in seeing some variations, you might do a search in the forums for "celtic cross" (the search button is at the top of the screen) and see what you come up with.

As for the positions of 5 and 6, I've seen them in different books listed both ways -- with 5 on the left and 6 on the right, and with 6 on the left and 5 on the right. So do whatever feels best!

There's another forum here called "Using Tarot Cards," which covers things like spreads, and this thread might fit better there. Perhaps one of the moderators of this forum will move it.

Again, welcome!

-- Lee
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tony bandera  tony bandera is offline
Join Date: 08 Sep 2002
Location: australia
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tony bandera 

Thanks Lee - i can go to bed and sleep comfortably now
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Major Tom  Major Tom is offline
Papa Toad
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Major Tom 
Papa Toad

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Re: the celtic spread

Originally posted by tony bandera
Do i follow my intuition?

I've had a look back and found this thread:

Sorry the link isn't pretty....

By the way - welcome! It might be fun if we all listed the various keywords for the spread positions in the Celtic Cross. I wonder how many different versions we could come up with?

Here's the one I use:

1. Upon me.
2. Crosses me.
3. Above me.
4. Below me.
5. Behind me.
6. Before me.
7. How I appear.
8. What others want.
9. What I really want.
10. What I get.

I still like to use this with the major arcana.

At serious risk of sounding a bit like Eddie Cochrane: Come on everybody! What's your version?
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isthmus nekoi 

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I lay my cross in a different order!

1 - (bottom) unconscious mind
2 - (left) past/basis for current situation
3/4 - (cross) central issue
5 - (right) incoming influence/possibility
6 - (top) conscious mind

7 - self and persona
8 - environment, or relationship to environment
9 - wild card, usually something I've overlooked
10 - outcome, summary
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Michel  Michel is offline
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Cool Celtic Cross Spread by Tracy Porter

I use Tracy Porter's solution to the Celtic Cross. 1. The Question 2. Influence/Atmosphere 3. The Background 4.The Recent Past 5. The Present 6. The Near Future 7. The Querent's Attitude Regarding The Situation 8. How Others Perceive The Situation. 9. The Benefits and Pitfalls Of The Situation 10. The Outcome (May change if the Outcome is not desirable.) I think that this solution is like that of Gerd Ziegler, but I'm waiting for my copy of The Mirror Of The Soul to verify this.
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