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aeonx's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Sep 2001
Location: Norway
Posts: 1,085
Arrow Spread(s) for dream that came true. Please help!

Hi all.
OK, I really really need a good, no great dream-interpreting spread! I've searched the forum for spreads, but I didn't find any that appealed to me. Please don't ask me to invent one myself, as I'm hardly in a state to read.

Now I'm gonna be real demanding... I want a spread that is very concise and precise, so that a beginner wouldn't have problems reading with it. If you have the perfect dream-interpreting spread, I would be forever grateful.

Btw, the dream I need have interpreted, is the one I've described in this thread: When a dream comes true.. Oh yes, the dream came true, and is therefore especially significant.


~~Mistress of the Vowels~~
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Talisman's Avatar
Join Date: 18 Aug 2001
Location: Travelin' . . . like a ball of twine unravelin'
Posts: 491
Well . . .

Try this,

The Talisman spread, the Tea Cup spread, the faunabay spread, the cjtarot spread . . .


The secret to magic is knowing what to wish for. If you wish for things you're not going to get, your magic will never work.
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Sinta's Avatar
Join Date: 13 Oct 2002
Location: Where the sea kisses my soul....
Posts: 190

Um... how about the Soul Dreamer's Reading Spread? Have you heard of that before or tried it out and find out it didn't work? It seems to work alright so far. How do you mean precise exactly?

Eitherways here's a bit about that spread.

Layout: A rather unusual layout.


1 - Choose a card that represents the dream, situation or feelings about the dream.

2 - Dream situation: Tells something about the dream's events: when, where, how, why, who

3 - Energy within - Primary energy of the dream

4 - conscious meaning - what the dream means to you in the waking life

5 - subconscious meaning - what the dream means to you in an inner psychic level

6 - serpent energy - what energy is needed to cause the dream to manifest physically, if you desire or to solve dream's dilemma

7 - outcome - how the dream will manifest and its effects

Hope that helps!

Iniquity tips her quill,
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The Thirteenth Moon
Thirteen's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
Posts: 8,608
How 'bout this "Owl" spread?

Sinta--interesting layout! I wonder what card would serve best as the dream card? 2/Cups or The Moon.....

Got this spread out of the book "Tarot for Every Day" by Cait Johnson--it's called "The Owl" spread--and it sounds right not only for interpeting dreams, but for this owlish time of year.

Lay out is:


Imagine a soaring owl, wings spread. 1 and 2 are the eyes, 3 is the beak. In the original, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are the wings, but I felt it needed ears (yeah, I know those that seem to have "ears" really have just feathers, but an owl's sense of hearing is so amazing!) and so I added them in as 4 and 5. The rest are the wings.

Here's how it's read:
1 and 2: The owl eyes--show you something you didn't see before--or put matters into a new light. What did you miss there in the dark that these tarot eyes will help you see? Or, in your case, what clues may you have missed that were there in your dream? Symbols to interpet?

3: What you need to speak out about (hoot) or incorporate into your life (feed on)--what will sustain you? Perhaps what you need to say in order to be heard--or perhaps just where you need to go sit and eat while waiting to see your guy again.

4 and 5: What you need to listen for--clues, ideas, messages--what your own heart might be telling you. The answers to your questions--which way to fly--might be out there.

6, 7, 8, and 9: Wings. Here's what the book says: "Owl flies silently through the night, brushing our sleeping faces with her soft wings, bringing us dreams. Your magickal wing cards show you what you need [to do? to get?] in order to soar, giving you information about bringing your dreams into manifestation."

Hope this helps! Oh, and as added inspiration:

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aeonx's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Sep 2001
Location: Norway
Posts: 1,085

Oh guys, thank you! All these spreads seem great, and I will ponder a bit on which one to choose. When I have picked one and applied my cards, I might have to post the result in the Your Readings-section in order to get a second opinion (or if I'm simply stuck...). Again, thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for!


~~Mistress of the Vowels~~
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aeonx's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Sep 2001
Location: Norway
Posts: 1,085

And by the way, isn't this owl just gorgous! Snowy Owls


~~Mistress of the Vowels~~
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Zhritza's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Apr 2002
Location: Saint Paul, extreme northern USA
Posts: 789

snowies are my very, very favorite animal, as it happens. Thank you for giving us the owl spread, Thirteen -- I, too, will be sure to give it a go
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Join Date: 24 Jan 2002
Location: Florida
Posts: 274

Here are a couple Dream spreads:

I like this one the best! I forget where I got it though

Interpret Your Dream Spread-- 12 cards

1, 2, 3= images that describe your dream
4, 5, 6=what the dream images mean
7, 8, 9= how they affect your waking life
10, 11, 12= how you can best use this information

Here's another spread I found in the Dream Card's book by Strephon Kaplan-Williams to go along with the dream cards

3 card Dream Spread
1. "Womb"-- the main theme of your dream (you choose the card that best fits your dream)
2. "Dreamer"--Your action in the dream (you choose the card that best fits your action)
3. "Nest"--Connecting the theme and the dream (you shuffle the deck to get this one)

To see the dream cards click here: Dream Cards

He has another spread called The Wholeness Spread but it's really not about dreams at all.

hope that helped!

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -- Calvin and Hobbes
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Old 18-10-2002     Top   #8
aeonx's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Sep 2001
Location: Norway
Posts: 1,085

Hi Kirali.
I haven't gotten so far as to interpret my dream yet, but I will do a spread some time during this week. Thanx for the spreads!


~~Mistress of the Vowels~~
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