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Fave three-card spread

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Join Date: 11 Oct 2002
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
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mirja crimson 

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Question Fav three-card spread

I'm sure this question has been asked, but what is your favorite three-card spread? I'm interested to see all the different spreads and (hehe I'm so sly) try out some of them. =D
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Ok, this is not very original , but I like the Past - Present - Future spread.

And the so-called Quick Spread: You - The Other - Advice.
I like to use this one in a situation where there's another person (besides the querent) involved.
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Join Date: 23 Aug 2001
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Past-Present-Future for me as well!
Then Body-Mind-Spirit (generally a Daily spread I use).
And Purpose-Tool-Outcome, for a quick look at projects, deadlines or else...
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3 cards

hi, I usually use present - past - future. but i also use the 3 cards for morning - afternoon - evening (just to see how the day is going to be) and basically that's it.

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actually i think this question was never asked before..strange

my fav's are

1) other 2) us 3) me
I use it for relationships...and freindships and it gives a good idea about the dinamic's

1) What i feel 2) What i think 3) what i'm missing
I use it to centre and get connected with myself again
And other one i use for that is:
1) Who i am 2) What are my needs 3) how do i go about meeting my needs

And of course the great NEW DECK SPREAD...the must for us tarotholics
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Hi Mirja Crimson!! Greetings from Flagstaff...

One thing that really strikes me as being very good about the 3-card spread is that it seems to be very adaptable. I have a 3-card daily spread which I use;

1) beginning
2) peak or theme of the day
3) ending of the day

I have also used a "past-present-future", a "mind-body-spirit" and a "problem (issue)-blockage-solution" spread. Though for looks at past-present-future type issues, I usually use a 5-card line spread ("past-recent past-present-near future-future).

And... as Maan said... a "new deck" spread is a must. The one I use is;

1) What will you (the deck) teach me?
2) What do you need from me?
3) What will our relationship be like?

Hope this helps...
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Three card spreads

'Lo Mirja,

If you scroll down a bit, you'll find a thead called "The Very Best* Beginners Spread" which has a lot of neat 3-card spreads, including a number by jmd. And a thought-provoking spread by Melvis.

The Larry, Moe and Curly spread, however, is not explained.

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