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Thoth and 10000 Days

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isthmus nekoi 
Thoth and 10000 Days

It's a bit trivial but I thought some of you who are Tool fans might be pleased to learn their new album 10000 Days features the Thoth deck on the 2 photographs of Danny Carey's table.
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Pop into Music shop tomorrow * Elven scribbles in diary*

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There was another thread on this somewhere, maybe it was in Thoth or in the deck discussion area. They found tons of different thelemic and tarot based iconology on that cover.

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Danny Carey also has one of the original series of the Equinox in one of the photos on the bookshelf.
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That's because Carey is a wee bit of a Thelemite. a look at his site is enough to tell everyone that.
there's a sh*tload of esoteric imagery in that album, from Rose Cross posters, to Tree of Life diagrams. I think I listed them in the other thread.
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WoW, I've always liked Tools music and style but had no idea about Danny Carey lol. Just checked out his web site and yeah, I think a "wee bit" of a Thelemite is a good start.
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