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Citizen X
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Join Date: 23 May 2012
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Tod's Creatures Tarot is turning into an everyday reader, although the cardstock is lame. I am debating pulling the trigger on another Game Crafters deck, but I'm a little concerned because I heard the printing was dark. YES! Robert Place. All of them! Top Shelf! Bohemian Gothic is gorgeous.

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1.Baba Studio's Bohemian Gothic, Victorian Romantic, Baroque Bohemian Cats in any editions

2. Fountain Tarot

3. Little Monsters Tarot by Peony Coin Archer

4. Tarot of Delphi
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Tabula Mundi, it's out of this world amazing <3
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believer in magic
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I have 2 favourties;

The Stone Tarot by Alison Stone.
I've had this deck for many years, go back to it often and I'm always blown away by it. The scans shown on Aeclectic really don't do the deck justice.

The first edition Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans.
I just love this deck, it speaks my language and is the only deck that's got me to complete a whole study group. If I'm in doubt about which deck to use for a reading I go to this one. It's super trendy and that annoys me a bit (because I'm a bit silly about stuff being mega popular and trendy) but it's got to where it is for a reason and that reason is it's such a good, readable, intuitive deck with amazingly beautiful artwork.

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