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Originally Posted by Seafra
I've been called a Devil worshipper a few times when I've read in public. I flash those people a peace sign and a smile.
Did you hear about the dyslexic Devil worshipper? He sold his soul to Santa.

Other than telling that joke, I do basically the same.

In England a peace sign means the same thing as an extended middle finger in America.
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Hide the cards

I grew up with such stuff. My mother was a card reader, fortune teller.
When we were reading the cards, just an ordinary deck of cards and someone knocked on the door my mother used to quickly gather up the cards and hide them under her chair. Of course this was a long time ago back in the 70's. I guess things haven't changed much. Pity.
I don't hide my craft like my mother did. I am proud of what I do and I don't much mind what people think of it or me..
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Originally Posted by Major Tom
Firemaiden - Mary Greer views those from the scientific view to be believers with a stong 'mechanistic world view'.
Mary Greer and I might need to have a talk...those sound like the fighting words of creationists. I guess it depends on the context. I'm very very wary of anything smacking of anti-science because it's the political tactic of the religious right, which I am SURE is not where Mary is coming from.
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One thing that I've done is read and research the work of Carl Jung, who was a respected psychologist and worked extensively with the Tarot, even designing his own deck. There is a lot of academic work out there in the "rational" world that delves into using tools to access the intuitive, subconsious self, which is what Tarot does. I don't necessarily tell people this, but knowing it myself gives me confidence. I feel I am in good company with wise women, gyspies, witches . . . and PhDs.
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Hear, hear. Nobody that I talk to can accept that the Tarot is a psychological tool to access and understand synchronicities. Everybody watches too much t.v.

I had to explain to a (very kind and polite) fundamentalist Christian today that there really isn't anything spiritual about it. The cards fall and I interpret out of a book. No demon necessary, void where prohibited.
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