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"but you've already got a Tarot deck!"

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student of tarot

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It's really no different than having more than one pair of shoes, one set of clothes, etc. - different things for different moods, occasions, seasons, etc.
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And, is never enough. You must thank that Dan guy and Jeannette (not Umbrae, who could care less how your deck arrives, kind of sloppy guy, you know), for the lovely blue moon. Hmmm, I feel a song coming on,......Blue moon, left me standin' alone. Oi. lol
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Oh my gosh! Ask her why she has more than one skillet for cooking. Or more than one baking pan. Or more than one pair of shoes. Or more than one child (if she has more than one). The analogy to movies and CD's for music, books or anything else. Does her husband have more than one tool?
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I am with Griz! To me my tarot collection is a library, just like my books. When I want to look at, consult or use a specific deck, I get it. Same with having a lot of books. I want them at my fingertips. I wonder how many purses she has....

However, if M really thinks you are insane, I suggest you print up Gregory's list and give it to her. That should keep her perplexed for a very, very, very long time!
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I can kind of understand what she meant because before I knew anything much about Tarot, I thought there was only one Tarot deck and that was that. I had no idea that there was what there is!

A couple of years ago I briefly got to know this guy who made out to me that he was the guru of Tarot as well as some kind of spiritual guru who thought he had so much to tell the world that he was going to write a book. Anyway, when I asked him what deck he read with he sounded really bewildered and said something like 'well......ah......the usual one, you know'. That cracked me up! When I asked if he meant the RWS he kinda sorta said 'um, yeah'.
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I never ever thought I would own "only one" tarot deck. I started searching for decks online way back in 2000 and happened upon the Thoth. I went out and bought it and thought to myself, "well, that's a good start for now."

Most of my friends are used to me by now, though.
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Originally Posted by Grizabella
Oh my gosh! Ask her why she has more than one skillet for cooking. Or more than one baking pan. Or more than one pair of shoes. Or more than one child (if she has more than one). The analogy to movies and CD's for music, books or anything else. Does her husband have more than one tool?
Same thing I say when asked why I have more than one husband *wink*
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I too get some exaspiration, mostly from the men in my life, when I buy (or recieve) yet another tarot or oracle deck. My boyfriend often asks me "Don't you have enough?"

Now mind you, this is the same boyfriend who keeps buying CDs, but not actually listening to them because he HAS to sit down with the booklet and listen to the CD all the way through the first time he plays it. He's such a busy guy, he doesn't quite have the time to devote to his CDs like he'd like. So he has many, many unopened CDs. At least I use all my decks! XD
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I'm in the same boat as goddessof1967
I was quite oblivious to how many decks there were out there, sure I know there were a couple...
Imagine my complete suprise when I got my second deck and the LWB was giving me different meanings for every card!
Then I joined AT...met this lovely furball called gregory and fainted!

Now no-one around here can understand why I have packages arriving at least once a week...

Another thing about the un-tarot-initiated is when I open my purse at a checkout/pub/club/store of any descript and people see my deck in there and they are bemused... like... why do you carry that around with you??
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Some people unfortunately will never understand our need to buy more tarot decks. Those who dont understand it think a tarot deck is a tarot deck therefore we dont need more than one. Little do they realise the big differences between decks.
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